Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back Issue! #70, February

Marvel Comics Jade Giant is the subject of this issue of Back Issue! from TwoMorrows Publishing.  Discover the facts about the Bronze Age Hulk and those who were responsible for his gigantic adventures during this time in comic book history.

This issue’s cover recreates the classic clash between the Hulk and Wolverine on the front cover of the Incredible Hulk #181: the first full appearance of Marvel’s Adamantium claws Canadian super-hero-Wolverine.

Articles and art in this issue include:

BACK SEAT DRIVER: Editorial by Michael Eury

DC Comics’ Hulkmania during the summer of ’66

FLASHBACK: Hulk Smash: The Incredible Hulk in the 1970s

Creators galore recall the decade of Jim Wilson, Jarella, Wolverine, Hulking out, and more

BACKSTAGE PASS: The Televised Hulk

Series creator Kenneth Johnson certainly isn’t jaded when recalling this TV smash

EPISODE GUIDE: The Incredible Hulk TV Series


Richard Simmons as the Hulk? Karl Heitmueller, Jr. is at it again!

FLASHBACK: All About the Green: Hulk Merchandise in the BACK ISSUE Era

Admit it—you’ve got a Hulk Mego on your shelf…

FLASHBACK: Smashing into Syndication: The Incredible Hulk Newspaper Strip

Hulk smash Peanuts! When Ol’ Greenskin was read in black-and-white

WHAT THE--?!: Teen Hulk

Hulkmania (the incredible kind) spawned this Crazy magazine satire

BRING ON THE BAD GUYS: The Abomination: Diary of a Mad Monster

Is Emil Blonsky playing with a full deck?

FLASHBACK: Hulk Smash More: The Incredible Hulk in the 1980s

The eras of two longtime Hulk scribes, Bill Mantlo and Peter David

BACKSTAGE PASS: The Incredible Hulk 1982 Animated Series

The Saturday morning success of some amazing friends led to this super-toon

FLASHBACK: Teaming Up with the Hulk

The Hulk as a “team player” in The Defenders and Marvel Team-Up

OFF MY CHEST: Three Men and a Little Psyche

How Mantlo, David, and Freud redefined the Incredible Hulk


Reader feedback on BI #65 and more