Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Les, Nancy, Roxie, Styx, Kona

Tokidoki presents its newest band of vinyl misfits: Punkstars!
Put the fun back into collecting small figures when you ‘take your chances’ and buy a Punkstar box with its small foil packed figure inside.  You never know who or what you’ll get!

Whatever the figure you are lucky enough to purchase you won’t be disappointed in the detail, paint and sculpting that went into each and every pintsize Punkstar figure.

Recently I received five of the Punkstar figures from Tokidoki and I have to say they are cute!  A little weird-but cute.  Weird is OK-that’s what makes the figures so much fun.

Each figure comes on a chain with clip and an attached thin plastic strap.  Wear them anywhere: on your belt, purse, backpack, and key ring-wherever you go, your Punkstar goes with you!

Punkstars originated when a group of kids got together to revive an abandoned karaoke factory.  What would become the ultimate hangout allows each Punkstar to pursue their artistic passion: from painting to skateboarding with a healthy dose of music thrown into the mix.

The five figures I received were Les: the steel guitar Punk rocker with blazing bright clothes and a passion for music, Nancy: the sweet purple hair pixie dressed in yellow and sporting twin silver bracelets, Roxie: the pink hair bob, white eyeliner, gauged ear sweetie with the lightning bolt skirt and her cute little spiked fur critter, Styx: the skull face rocker with a yellow Mohawk, silver vest, black pants and red shoes and Kona: the adorable kitten with pink hair bob, black ribbon collar and tail with a blue tufted end.

All come packaged in pintsize boxes, decorated with Punkstar figures.  Crank up the music, the Punkstars are here!  You can purchase them at boutiques nationwide, the Tokidoki flagship store in Melrose and at  

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Complete Guide To Special Effects Makeup

If you are a fan of science fiction and fantasy TV shows and movies like me then one of the facets that interests you is the makeup.

I'm talking about the creature and special wound, cut and damage makeup seen in so many movies and TV series.

How are makeup artists able to create such convincing illusions?  Have you ever wished you could perform the same magic? you can!

Titan Books presents conceptual creations by Japanese makeup artists in its new Tokyo SFX Makeup Workshop 'A Complete Guide To Special Effect Makeup'.

Inside the colorful book you see extraordinary examples of makeup stretched to imaginative limits and full instructions (step-by-step) on how to create such effects.  

From creepy creatures to simple cuts and abrasions, each is highlighted and demonstrated with consecutive photos and precise, concise instructions.

Now that's the kind of 'makeup' work I like!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Previews, June

SIP Kids #1 l Abstract Studios
God Is Dead: The Book of Acts Alpha l Avatar Press
George R. R Martin’s In the House of the Worm #1 l Avatar Press
Steven Universe #1 l Boom! Studios
Terminal Hero #1 l D. E./Dynamite Entertainment
Justice Inc #1 l D. E./Dynamite Entertainment
The Age of License GN l Fantagraphics Books
Sisters GN l Graphix
Kill My Mother GN l Liveright
Meteor Men GN l Oni Press Inc.
Maddy Kettle Book 1: The Adventure of the Thimblewitch l Top Shelf Productions
Delinquents #1 l Valiant Entertainment Llc
Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma Volume 1 GN l Viz Media

Comic Book People: Photographs From the 1970s & 1980s HC l Comics
Masterful Marks: Cartoonists Who Changed The World HC l Comics
Foundations In Comic Book Art: SCAD Creative Essentials SC l How-To
Star Wars In 100 Scenes HC l Star Wars

Marvel Chess Figurine Collection #15-16 l Eaglemoss
The Walking Dead Magazine #9 SDCC 2014 Exclusive Cover l Movie/Tv
Topps 2014 Stadium Club Baseball Trading Cards l Topps Company
Topps 2014 Football Complete Set l Topps Company
Topps 2014 Doctor Who Trading Cards l Topps Company

Daredevil: “Laser Blind” Black T-Shirt l Previews Exclusive Wear
Spider-Man: “Inverse Icon” Red Heather T-Shirt l Previews Exclusive Wear
Doctor Who: “Stacked Tenth Doctor” White T-Shirt l Previews Exclusive Wear
The Walking Dead: “Michonne Walker” Black T-Shirt l Previews Exclusive Wear
Star Wars: “Collecting the Bounty” Military Green T-Shirt l Previews Exclusive Wear
Adventure Time: “Nightosphere” Black T-Shirt l Previews Exclusive Wear
Deadpool: “Word Classic” Stretch Fit Cap l Previews Exclusive Wear
DC Bombshell: Zatanna T-Shirt l Graphitti Designs
Harley Quinn: Oral Surgeon by Conner T-Shirt l Graphitti Designs

X-Men Legends 6-Inch Action Figures l Marvel Heroes
Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Bank l Marvel Heroes
Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Gold Pewter Keyring l Marvel Heroes
Breaking Bad: Jesse Pinkman “Blue Hazmat” 6-Inch Action Figure l Movie/Tv
Star Wars Black 6-Inch Action Figures l Star Wars
1966 Batman: Catwoman Model Kit l Batman
Aliens: Alien Queen 1/9-Scale Model Kit l Movie/Tv
Star Trek: USS Reliant 1/1000-Scale Model Kit l Star Trek

DC Comics: Green Arrow “New 52” Artfx+ Statue l Kotobukiya
Attack On Titan: Eren Yeager Brave-Act Pvc Fig l Anime
Doctor Who: 5th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver l Doctor Who
Doctor Who: 8th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver l Doctor Who
Doctor Who Titans: Regeneration Collection l Doctor Who
Kick-Ass 2: Kick-Ass RAH l Kick-Ass
Watchmen Play Arts Kai: Rorschach l Movie/Tv
Game Of Thrones: Tyrion Lannister 1/6-Scale Figure l Threea/Threezero
Sailor Jupiter S.H.Figuarts l Tamashii Nations
POP! Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vinyl Figures l Funko
Evil Dead 2: Book Of The Dead Prop Replica l Halloween

The Walking Dead Bang! l Usaopoly
The Walking Dead Tacdex l Usaopoly
Magic the Gathering TCG 2015 Core Set l Wizards Of The Coast
DC Heroclix: War Of Light: Alternate Lantern l Wizkids/Neca
Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men l Wizkids/Neca
Marvel Heroclix: Guardians of the Galaxy l Wizkids/Neca
Marvel Heroclix: Inhumans Fast Forces l Wizkids/Neca

Hetalia: The Beautiful World l Anime
To Love-Ru Darkness: The Complete Collection l Anime
Raid 2 l Asian Cinema
Orphan Black Season 2 l Sci Fi

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Art of Neil Gaiman

I've always pictured Neil Gaiman as strictly a wordsmith.  Mention his name and any comic book lover worth his or her salt will immediately mention his most famous work: Sandman.

Mr. Gaiman has an impressive roster of comic book stories under his belt.  But, did you know he also writes books, scripts, short stories, poems and numerous articles?

Much of his work, in book and film, have won awards.  He is a force to be reckoned with and is well-respected in the literary filed.

Here's another 'but'.  Did you know that he is also an accomplished artist?  It's true.  

Many of the stories and scripts he writes are accompanied by sketches and drawings by the artist.  Neil is a stickler for details and what better way to give professional artists and film directors a glimpse of what he's writing about than to provide conceptual art?

From these artists and directors can gather hints and images of what Neil envisions in his work.
The Art of Neil Gaiman, written by Hayley Campbell and published by Harper Design, looks into the incredible prolific creative life of the celebrated writer.

The book goes into great detail about Neil's life, influences and the creative force that drives him on.

It offers a rare glimpse into the workings of a creative genius and the life and experiences that molded and shaped him.


Have you ever prayed to God and it seems like your prayers never make it past the ceiling?  Do you pray and wind up getting exactly the opposite results your expected?  Do you get frustrated?  Mad at God? Unsure what to pray for?

Don't feel alone-everyone who has ever prayed to God has moments of doubt and experiences a mixture of feelings.  That's what makes us human.  

But God never changes and his ways aren't our ways.  We only see a small part of a problem, or a time of trouble or life.  God sees the whole picture-from start to finish and already knows the outcome.  After all-he is God!

In Jurgen Matthesius' new book: Push: Pray Until Something Happens, from Nelson Books, he examines prayer, its purpose and most of all how to get answers to prayer-as God describes it.
The author examines the power of prayers, the dark forces that want to destroy any chance your prayers will be answered and what prayer should, and should not, be.

Prayer is a powerful weapon and force.  It's God's way of directing our lives and molding us into the person he wants us to be.  No prayer goes unanswered.  It's either a yes, no or wait.

Unlock the power of prayer.  Discover what God has in store for you, what your passion and goals should be in life and most of all how to talk to God as the loving father he is.

Become the blessing you should be and learn how in this insightful and inspiring new book.

Perry Mason and Rawhide

A while back I reviewed a Perry Mason movie collection from CBS/Paramount.  As I stated earlier I grew up on Perry Mason and I enjoy the returns on TV and the newly released Perry Mason Movie Collections.
Evidently I’m not the only one who enjoys the Raymond Burr series because CBS/Paramount has released not one, not two, but three additional double feature DVD collections of the Perry Mason Movie Collections.

The old gang is back in the made-for-TV movies and I am thrilled!

Collection 1 features the return of the stalwart lawyer and Mason defends a nun accused of murder.

In Collection 2 Perry investigates the on-air murder of a talk show host and meets up with a long-lost flame whose husband is accused of killing a blackmailer.

Collection 3 steeps Mason into the world of horror fiction-one where a famous writer is murdered and when a famous madam is murdered Perry investigates and uncovers blackmail and lies.

All three collections make for fine TV viewing with intriguing plots and clever twists and turns that only Perry Mason stories can provide.

For another classic TV series be sure to check out the last season of Western series Rawhide, starring Clint Eastwood in his TV breakout role.

The Eighth Season DVD Collection contains 13 episodes starring Eastwood as Rowdy Yates who is now the trail boss.

From running into criminals, trapped in a mine to facing up against a ferocious bear the Final Season delivers on all accounts and goes out with a bang!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Alter Ego #125, June

Here’s what to look for in the latest issue of TwoMorrows Publishing’s Alter Ego magazine: Roy Thomas’s Electrifying Comics Fanzine.

Look for lots of vintage art, archival photos and the inside info on what made (and makes) the comic book industry 

\Writer/Editorial: The Unusual Suspects

The (Air) Wave Of The Future
Lee Harris (nee Harris Levey) as revealed to Richard Arndt by son Jonathan Levey.

Seal Of Approval: The History Of The Comics Code: Chapter 2
Strategies of would-be comic book censors, 1948-54, from the book by Amy Kiste Nyberg.

Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt! Inkspots! Part 1
Michael T. Gilbert on his Kurtzman-inspired 1970s strip—clever stuff!

Comic Fandom Archive: “I Was There. I Remember.”
Part 2 of Bill Schelly’s interview with noted 1960s fan/writer Steve Perrin.

Tributes To Al Plastino & Larry Ivie

re: [correspondence, comments, and corrections]

FCA (Fawcett Collectors Of America) #184
P.C. Hamerlinck presents Otto Binder, Brian Cremins, & Mr. Tawny—in that order!