Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Les, Nancy, Roxie, Styx, Kona

Tokidoki presents its newest band of vinyl misfits: Punkstars!
Put the fun back into collecting small figures when you ‘take your chances’ and buy a Punkstar box with its small foil packed figure inside.  You never know who or what you’ll get!

Whatever the figure you are lucky enough to purchase you won’t be disappointed in the detail, paint and sculpting that went into each and every pintsize Punkstar figure.

Recently I received five of the Punkstar figures from Tokidoki and I have to say they are cute!  A little weird-but cute.  Weird is OK-that’s what makes the figures so much fun.

Each figure comes on a chain with clip and an attached thin plastic strap.  Wear them anywhere: on your belt, purse, backpack, and key ring-wherever you go, your Punkstar goes with you!

Punkstars originated when a group of kids got together to revive an abandoned karaoke factory.  What would become the ultimate hangout allows each Punkstar to pursue their artistic passion: from painting to skateboarding with a healthy dose of music thrown into the mix.

The five figures I received were Les: the steel guitar Punk rocker with blazing bright clothes and a passion for music, Nancy: the sweet purple hair pixie dressed in yellow and sporting twin silver bracelets, Roxie: the pink hair bob, white eyeliner, gauged ear sweetie with the lightning bolt skirt and her cute little spiked fur critter, Styx: the skull face rocker with a yellow Mohawk, silver vest, black pants and red shoes and Kona: the adorable kitten with pink hair bob, black ribbon collar and tail with a blue tufted end.

All come packaged in pintsize boxes, decorated with Punkstar figures.  Crank up the music, the Punkstars are here!  You can purchase them at boutiques nationwide, the Tokidoki flagship store in Melrose and at