Saturday, June 28, 2014

Continuum Seasons 1 & 2 and Star Trek The Original Series Portfolio Prints

Rittenhouse Archives/Sci-fi Hobby has just released two brand new Trading Card Sets: one based on a classic science fiction series and one on a new sci-fi series.

Both series feature five Cards per Foil Pack with 24 Packs per Box.  As with all Rittenhouse Archives/Sci-fi Hobby Trading Cards each and every Card is printed on high-quality, heavy paper stock with full bleed photos or art work.  

Each Card is precisely trimmed with clean and crisp trim edges.  Foil Packs are tightly sealed and Rittenhouse ensures that no 'Card pickers' can select only the Foil Packs with special Cards by compensating for thick Cards by placing them mid-Foil Pack and making the Foil Packs impervious to electronic snooping.

Bonus Cards are randomly inserted in Foil Packs, ensuring that everyone who purchases a Foil Pack has an equal chance of finding Bonus Cards. 

The hit new sci-fi/suspense/fantasy/horror series Continuum has become a fan favorite.  Rittenhouse Archives/Sci-fi Hobby has compiled an impressive Trading Card collection covering Seasons 1 &2 consisting of three Cards per episode.

Sixty nine Cards make up the Base Set (I compiled a full Set).  Randomly inserted Bonus Cards include:

69 numbered GOLD Base Parallel Cards (1 for me)
7 Continuum Stars Cards (I received 2)
6 Continuum Future Tech Cards (1 for me)
18 Continuum Character cards (1 again)
16 Continuum Relic cards (1 guaranteed per Box.  I received Alex Sadler's Flannel Shirt)
2 Autograph Cards are guaranteed per Box (I got 3!--Jennifer Spense, Tahmoh Penikett and Michael Rogers) 

Rittehouse Archives/Sci-fi Hobby's new Star Trek The Original Series Portfolio Prints Trading Cards feature the incredible artwork of Juan Ortiz.  Juan created a complete retro series of posters of all the original series Star Trek TV episodes (along with the animated series) which are incredible.  Speaking as a fellow graphic designer I have to say I am impressed.

The 80 Card Base Set includes a Poster Card for each of the 79 episodes (2 for The Menagerie).  I assembled a complete Set with lots of extras.

Randomly inserted Bonus Cards include:

80-card GOLD base parallel set featuring facsimile signature of artist Juan Ortiz (I received 1)
80-card AUTOGRAPH base parallel set with cards signed by artist Juan Ortiz (zip)
22-card set featuring Star Trek: The Animated Series poster art by Juan Ortiz (2)
7-card Star Trek Bridge Crew Portraits set (1)
7-card Star Trek Bridge Crew GOLD Portraits Variation Bonus set (zip)
9-card Star Trek Bridge Crew Abstracts set (1)
Sketch Cards cover all 50 episodes from Seasons 2 and 3 of Star Trek.  One Sketch Card guaranteed per Box (1)
2 Autograph Cards are guaranteed per Box (Juan Ortiz and Garth Pillsbury are mine)

Both the Star Trek and Continuum Card Sets offer additional Bonus Cards for Cases, etc.

Savage Hulk #1

Now this is the Hulk I love: savage, destructive, in-your-face and yet gentle and heroic at times.
Writer/artist Alan Davis (who delivers some of his best work yet) takes the Hulk back to his fateful meeting with the original Uncanny X-Men in issue #66 of their title.

If you remember the story Charles Xavier (Professor X) came out his long coma with the help of Bruce Banner/Hulk.

Unbeknownst to the X-Men and the Hulk, the Leader was observing everything that transpired.
For reasons only to the Leader knew the information he gathered would prove useful in his never-ending plans for world domination.

In the meantime Professor X and the X-Men strategize on how to help Bruce Banner rid himself of the Hulk- and then the abomination shows up!  Stay tuned for Issue #2.
Alan Davis has captured the look and feel of the Marvel Comics Silver Age characters and matched the art of some the artists who worked on the series at that title then and slightly later.
See if you can sport homages to Neal Adams and Dave Cockrum.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Bat-Signal, Sonic Screwdriver, Voldemort's Wand, Godzilla and Enterprise

I love science fiction and fantasy-be it movies, TV shows, books, magazines or other related items. I also love miniatures.

Running Press has taken the best of both worlds and combined them to make a unique series of miniature boxed items taken directly from sci-f and fantasy.

Each miniature boxed item also comes with a small full color sticker pack or booklet that showcases (in this case) items seen from sci-fi and fantasy movies.

All of the miniature items light up and look exactly like their larger namesakes.

The Godzilla figure features not only his light up mouth but his iconic roar.  Godzilla comes in two pieces-his body and tail, and easily snaps together.

Lord Voldemort's Wand also comes in two pieces, lights up and includes a stand in the shape of Voldemort's snake Nagini and photographic stickers.

The Starship Enterprise from Star Trek: The Original Series easily snaps together (nacelles to hull) and lights up-its miniature portholes and bridge illuminating space.  A Starfleet emblem base keeps the Enterprise aloft.

Batman's Bat-Signal comes fully-assembled and lights up the famous Bat symbol that can be projected on walls.  A special 48-page booklet highlights the Dark Knight's crime-fighting career.

The Eleventh Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver looks and sounds impressive as it lights up and emanates its familiar hum.

All of the miniatures are finely detailed and make excellent additions to any sci-fi and fantasy fan's collection-like mine!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It's no secret that about six to eight years ago the toy industry hit a snag.  Because of rising costs for modeling, manufacturing and shipping toy companies reduced the size of action figures, cut back on quality and raised prices-with one exception; Playmates Toys.

Playmates Toys consistently turns out high quality action figures in a variety of sizes, doesn't skimp on details or accessories and manages to keep the cost of its figures lower than most competitors.  Proving that even in tough times quality counts!

Playmates' new Teenage Mutant 'Ninja Turtles' movie figures are a perfect example of what I just mentioned.  Packaging, paint application, articulation, accessories, detail and playability are at the top of the scale can afford them-imagine that!

Three different scales of figures have been produced.  I refer to them as Small, Medium and Large.

Eight figures make up the 'small' selection and they include Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, Splinter, April O'Neil (sure to be the most collectible), The Shredder and Foot Soldier.

Let's start with Splinter.  An oversize humanoid rat, Splinter comes dressed in a tan robe and deep brown jacket, Around his neck he wears a medallion and included with the figure is a samurai sword.  Splinter, like the other small figures, does not skimp on details, even going so far to feature finely detailed hands, feet and facial features.

The Shredder figure is my favorite.  Bristling with knives, swords, pointed armor, an elaborate headpiece and bio-tech armor The Shredder definitely lives up to his name. Like the other figures he is articulated and can hold various weapons.

The Foot Soldier is probably the most austere of the figures.  Dressed in gray, tan and black the figure includes several handguns and a large assault rifle.  He also comes with a slipover transparent face mask.

The four Turtles come dressed as one would expect if they are in anyway familiar with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  All have footwear, tunics, leggings and waist decorations.  All wear some sort of hand and arm protection and are distinguished from each other by size, distinctive eye mask and similar outfit accents in their trademark colors. 

Donatello comes equipped with a fighting staff, Leonardo with two small katanas with scabbards, Raphael with twin sai and Michelangelo with nunchucks.  All of the figures are articulated, come packed in see-thru hanging bubble packs with accompanying color photos of the turtles from the live action, computer generated animation movie.

The toy line is simply referred to as Ninja Turtles but for the sake of this review I will refer to them as TMNT.

The TMNT 'Medium' figures are even more impressive than the 'Small' figures.  The 'Combat Warrior' TMNT figures stand about six to seven inches tall and feature something called 'Squeeze Legs'.

Squeeze Raphael's legs and he slashes with his sai and Donatello twirls his staff.  Pretty  impressive!

The 'Large' Leonardo and Michelangelo figures are so detailed you can see the texture of their skin and shells. Each articulated figures comes with realistic looking clothing-folds and all and their armor, weapons and other pieces of clothing are super-detailed-right down to the rivets and armor plates!  

I'm really impressed with the figures' facial features, three-finger hands, musculature and accessories.  You will be too once you see them.

All three sets of the various size figures include all the Turtles while the 'Small' set includes other film characters.  Look for more Turtle figures, vehicles and other goodies to come.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Previews, July

Sabrina #1 l ARCHIE COMICS
Rover Red Charlie TP l AVATAR PRESS
George Perez’s Sirens #1 l BOOM! STUDIOS
Sons of Anarchy Volume 1 TP l BOOM! STUDIOS
Neil Gaiman: The Last Temptation 10th-Anniversary Edition HC l D. E./DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT
Battling Boy: Rise Of Aurora West GN l :01 FIRST SECOND
Attack on Titan Guidebook: Inside & Outside l KODANSHA COMICS
Annihilator #1 l LEGENDARY COMICS
Stumptown #1 l ONI PRESS
Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #1 l TITAN COMICS
Death-Defying Dr. Mirage #1 l VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT

Batman: Year By Year Visual Chronicle HC l COMICS
Taschen: 75 Years of Marvel Comics HC l COMICS
Doctor WhoL K-9 Light & Sound Figurine & Book Kit l DOCTOR WHO
The Simpsons Family History HC l MOVIE/TV
Neil Gaiman: Hansel & Gretel Graphic HC l NEIL GAIMAN

Batman 75th-Anniversary Masterpiece Collection l EAGLEMOSS
Marvel Chess Collection #17: Black Panther (White Rook) l EAGLEMOSS
Marvel Chess Collection #18: Taskmaster (Black Pawn) l EAGLEMOSS
Sleepy Hollow: The Official Magazine #1 l MOVIE/TV

Topps 2014 Finest Football Trading Cards l TOPPS COMPANY
Topps 2014 Star Wars Wacky Packages Trading Cards l NON-SPORTS CARDS

Thanos: “The Mad Titan” Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR
Guardians of the Galaxy: Nova Corp Dyad Flexfit Cap l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR
Daredevil Red Heather T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR
Transformers: Age of Extintion: “Optimus Sword” Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR
Green Arrow: “Crossed Arrows” Green T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR
Star Wars: “Join the Empire” Cardinal Heather T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR
Superman: “Red Sun” Symbol T-Shirt l GRAPHITTI DESIGNS

Lionel: Batman M7 Subway Train Set l BATMAN
Batman ‘66 17-inch Talking Figures l BATMAN
Dunny Series 2014 l DESIGNER TOYS
Magic the Gathering: The Legacy Collection Action Figures l MAGIC THE GATHERING
Firefly: Malcolm Reynolds 1/6-Scale Action Figure l SERENITY/FIREFLY
Star Wars: Black 6-Inch Action Figures l STAR WARS
Batman 1966: Catwoman Maquette Diorama l BATMAN
Grand Jester: Frozen Mini-Busts l DISNEY

Marvel Comics: Avengers Now: Iron Man Artfx+ Statue l KOTOBUKIYA
Naruto Shippuden Karakore Mini Figures l NARUTO
Doctor Who: “The Time of the Doctor” Action Figure Set l DOCTOR WHO
DC Hero Sofubi Figures l SOFUBI
Godzilla: Vinyl Wars Sofubi Figures l SOFUBI
Titanfall: Atlas Model Special Figure l THREEA/THREEZERO
Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal” S.H.Figuarts l TAMASHII NATIONS

DC Heroes Back Buddies l DC HEROES
POP! Breaking Bad Vinyl Figures l FUNKO
Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon Figural Bank l GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY
Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon Word Over Classic Cap l GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY
Marvel Heroes Molded Head Mugs l MARVEL HEROES

Valiant Universe RPG Core Rulebook l CATALYST GAME LABS
Dungeons & Dragons Next l WIZARDS OF THE COAST

Attack On Titan Part 2 Blu-Ray/DVD l ANIME
Halloween: The Complete Collection Blu-Ray l CULT CLASSICS
Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery Blu-Ray l MYSTERY
The Walking Dead Season 4 l THE WALKING DEAD

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stan Lee's "How To" Times Two

Anyone who knows anything about comic books knows that marvel Comics' Stan Lee rewrote the book on how to do comic books.  Almost single-handedly Stan redefined comic books, (especially superhero comic books) and how they were written and drawn.
of course he had help from such artistic luminaries as Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, John Buscema, Don Heck, Marie Severin, Gene Colan and other great artists and writers.

So, who better to offer instructions on how to write comic books and draw superhero comic books than Stan Lee?

Watson Guptill and Ten Speed Press present two books dedicated entirely to Stan's unique advice on how to do just that-write and draw superhero comic books.  And, boy, do the books deliver!

In Stan Lee's How To Write Comics Stan offers valuable advice on creating characters, storytelling tips, scripts, publishing, editing and so much more.

And just like Stan (who is known for his over abundance of verbal bantering) the book packs a punch as it delivers plenty of prose and artwork.

Just as impressive is Stan's How To Draw Superheroes that delivers even more art, how tos of drawing good guys and bad guys, sidekicks, monsters, brutes, robots, vehicles and gadgets, page layouts, super teams, vehicles and anything else a well-drawn superhero book needs.

Both books are packed with valuable advice, helpful hints, insider info and so much more, they're (dare I say it?) super! The books make excellent additions to any comic book artist and/or writer hopeful.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Draw! #28, Spring

TwoMorrows Publishing presents its professional "how-to" magazine on comics and cartooning.  If you are an aspiring artist then this is the magazine for you.  Industry professionals offer tips, techniques and advice for breaking into the comic book industry and developing your own personal style. 
This month's issue includes:

Eric Nolen-Weathington interviews the writer/artist about world-building and surviving in the real world.
Shazam! step by step, from plot to finished art.
Dave Bullock
Mike Manley interviews the director/storyboard artist/comic book artist—what doesn’t he do?
Comic Art Bootcamp
This month’s installment: In with the In Crowd: Drawing Multiple Figures.

Draw! #28, Spring
TwoMorrows Publishing presents its professional "how-to" magazine on comics and cartooning.  If you are an aspiring artist then this is the magazine for you.  Industry professionals offer tips, techniques and advice for breaking into the comic book industry and developing your own personal style. 
This month's issue includes:
Eric Nolen-Weathington interviews the writer/artist about world-building and surviving in the real world.
Shazam! step by step, from plot to finished art.
Dave Bullock
Mike Manley interviews the director/storyboard artist/comic book artist—what doesn’t he do?
Comic Art Bootcamp
This month’s installment: In with the In Crowd: Drawing Multiple Figures.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Alter Ego #126, July

TwoMorrows Publishing Alter Ego #126 (fanzine child of Roy Thomas) presents its 2nd 3D Comic Book Tribute Issue of the 1950s.  So put on your 3D specs and check out this very cool and retro issue:  (Did I mention the Joe Kubert Tor cover!?)

Writer/Editorial: Another 3-D-Lirium
Trials And Tribulations—In Three Dimensions!
Ken Quattro details the 1953 legal dispute between EC & St. John Pub.—illustrated in 3-D!
My Comic Mom!!.
1940s Catholic comics artist Vee Quintal, remembered by daughter Robyn Dean McHattie.
Seal Of Approval: The History Of The Comics Code – Chapter 3
Amy Kiste Nyberg on the 1954 Senate investigation of comic books.
Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt! Inkspots! –Part Two
More of Michael T. Gilbert’s first-ever comic strip.
Comic Fandom Archive: Steve Perrin –Part 3
Bill Schelly covers the 1960s fan-writer and Perrin covers SF/comics pro Edmond Hamilton.
Tributes To Nick Cardy & Carmine Infantino
re: [correspondence, comments, & corrections]
FCA [Fawcett Collectors Of America] #185
P.C. Hamerlinck, John G. Pierce, and C.C. Beck on Golden/Silver Age artist Pete Costanza.

Back Issue! #73, July

Batman fans rejoice!  TwoMorrows Publishing presents Back Issue! #73 that celebrates all things Batman for the Silver, Bronze and Modern Ages.  From sidekicks to all Batman's cool toys you'll find them all in this issue that's packed with color and black and white art and interviews and insider info about the Dark Knight and his entourage of characters, gadgets, villains and more!  Here's what to expect:

BACK SEAT DRIVER: Editorial by Michael Eury
Fantasy Batman team-ups in “The B&Bs We Didn’t See”
FLASHBACK: Taking Wing: Nightwing Moves Out from Under Batman’s Shadow
New Teen Titans scribe Marv Wolfman discusses Dick Grayson’s maturation
PRINCE STREET NEWS: Dick Grayson: Fashion Victim
Holy Haberdashery! Peeking into the Boy/Teen Wonder’s closet
CHECKLIST: Batgirl in the Bronze Age
From Dominoed Daredoll to information broker, issue by issue
BRING ON THE BAD GUYS: A History of the Man-
Friend or foe? Creators from Adams to Rozakis discuss Kirk Langstrom
WHAT THE--?!: It Came from the Fifth Dimension: Bat-Mite!
The life and times of Batman’s most annoying sidekick
FLASHBACK: Bronze Age Batmobiles
What would Batman do without his wheels?
FLASHBACK: Batman and the
Heroes old and new joined the Gotham Guardian to form one of DC’s most durable teams
PRO2PRO: Mike W. Barr and Alan Davis
Chatting with the writer/artist duo of one of the best Bat-runs of the ’80s
BEYOND CAPES: Commissioner Gordon in the Bronze Age
The evolution of Gotham’s top cop
FLASHBACK: The Final Days of World’s Finest Comics
The last years of this long-running series splintered the Batman/Superman team
OFF MY CHEST: Carrie Kelley: The Female Wonder
An analysis of the Girl Robin from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight
INTERVIEW: Jeph Loeb: Batman’s Mouthpiece
A sequel to the Long Halloween feature from BACK ISSUE #60
Reader comments about BI #68 and more

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lawnmower and London Underground

Hayes has just released two new manuals that have proven to be very timely to me.
Haynes' practical guide to choosing, using and maintaining a lawnmower Lawnmower Manual is a blessing.  Here's why.

My old lawnmower is just about ready to give up the ghost.  It sputters, stalls, chugs, coughs, belches smoke and the rear left wheel is just about to fall off because the mower's frame is rusted and corroded.

Sounds like it's time for a new mower and with all the new options out there I'm not sure which brand or type to buy.

Along comes Haynes Lawnmower Manual by Brian Radam with its myriad tips on what to look for and how to maintain a lawnmower with specs, photos and diagrams.  I'm thrilled!

Coincidentally my neighbor (a nice lady named Francis) recently had her lawnmower 'die'.  
Yesterday she put the lawnmower out on the curb to be picked up with the trash.  I decided to take a look at it and lo and behold (with a little help from Haynes) I got it working again-she'll be thrilled when she gets back from vacation!  Thanks Haynes. 

The last couple of years my son and his wife have traveled to London.  They love the city and inundate me and my wife with tales of the city and specifically the London Underground mass transit system.

One day we plan on traveling to the British Isles with London being one of our primary stops.  I've always been a little wary of mass transit.  Couple with it being in another country and my hesitation heightens.

I like to know what to expect and to be prepared.

One again, thanks to Haynes and its London Underground Owner's Workshop Manual, I not only get to see (via photos) the various branches of the Underground but also I get to learn the history of the line from 1863 onward.

The more I look at the book, the more I like what I see.  Full color photos, informative text, diagrams, location shots and more make me feel as if I've ridden the Underground for years.  I'm excited about the prospect of visiting London and riding the Underground.  I understand the natives even speak English!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Fangoria #333, June

Godzilla bellows out on this month's issue of Fangoria and he's got good reason to bellow.  Check out the cool articles and photos is this issue.

INTERVIEW: JIM JARMUSCH The veteran poet of cinematic cool expresses his passion for vampires in “Only Lovers Left Alive.”
INTERVIEW: TILDA SWINTON It took a one-of-a-kind actress to breathe new eternal life into her “Only Lovers” bloodsucker.
INTERVIEW: JOHN POGUE He ventured across the pond to helm the Hammer production “The Quiet Ones” on the studio’s home turf. Plus: star Jared Harris speaks up.
PREVIEW: “PENNY DREADFUL” Victorian London plays host to classic creatures; can transplanted American Josh Hartnett cope?
PREVIEW: “THE SACRAMENT” Ti West leaves devils and ghosts behind to find the horror in religious manipulation.
INTERVIEW: HUH JUNG “Hide and Seek” allows the Korean director to reveal what spooks his fellow citizens.
PREVIEW: “BLUE RUIN” The way Jeremy Saulnier’s intense thriller presents it, payback is a bitch for both sides.
ON SET: “GODZILLA” Fango tours the badly battered locations of Gareth Edwards’ monster remake. Plus: reviews of classic Big G films on new Blu-rays!
PREVIEW: “THE MACHINE” It looks like a lady and tries to act like a human in Caradog W. James’ near-future opus.
PREVIEW: “MALIGNANT” The protagonist of Brian Avenet-Bradley’s latest indie chiller finds Brad Dourif literally messing with his head.
INTERVIEW: RANDY JURGENSEN The former policeman’s input made William Friedkin’s “Cruising” all the more arresting.
PREVIEW: “MR. JONES” Pry too deeply into his secrets, and you’ll suffer for his art in Karl Mueller’s surreal flick.
DIARY OF THE DEB: “BILLY’S CULT” On this New Jersey set, the terror would begin after Debbie wrapped for the day.
ON SET: “WOLF CREEK 2” Some people call tourists annoying; the villain of Greg McLean’s sequel calls them targets.
PREVIEW: “ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE” Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson rework their formative first feature as a meatier, bloodier project.
INTERVIEW: SCOTT SNYDER The comics writer is far from done telling the century-spanning saga of the “American Vampire.”
INTERVIEW: TOM SPINA When you want a screen creature to look its best/worst again, he’s the man you call.
FIRST RITES Growing up with Godzilla
POSTAL ZONE Bill Moseley says hi! Plus: remembering GWAR’s David Brockie
MONSTER INVASION Preview of “Cold in July,” and the 2014 Chainsaw Awards results!
TRASH COMPACTOR David A. Prior talks “Killer Workout”
THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of “Ms. 45,” “The Visitor,” “Dead Shadows,” “Daddy’s Little Girl” and others
DUMP BIN DIARIES Columbia River’s “Psychopaths and Maniacs”

Friday, June 6, 2014

Complete Cul de Sac

Author/artist Richard Thompson has a decidedly different and slightly skewed sense of humor.  That becomes evident once you read his beloved comic strip Cul de Sac.

The Complete Cul De Sac collects all of the Cul de Sac comic strips in one large hard bound slip case holding two oversize paperback books.

Cul de Sac centers around preschooler Alice Otterloop and her friends as they focus on many of life's unusual moments and common occurrences as seen through the eyes of a child.

The strip ran from 2007 to 2012 and ended because of the unfortunate illness of its creator from Parkinson's disease.

Andrews McMeel Publishing is proud to present the entire Cul de Sac collection of daily and color Sunday strips.

Thompson's imaginative illustrations and observations along with his much-loved water color illustrations make this collection a must have for any Cul de sac fan.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Falcon and Ivory

Hasegawa Hobby Kits has just released two new aircraft models.  Both are Limited Editions and 1:72 Scale.
As with all Hasegawa Hobby Kits the models are precision sculpted with tight fitting parts and minimal flashing are detailed to perfection and easy to assemble if the instructions are followed.  Painting instructions are precisely laid out and with the enclosed decals each model looks exactly like its larger counterpart, right down to minutest detail.

Hasegawa Hobby Kits prides itself on the accuracy of its models and veteran model makers will enjoy the historical, mechanical and authenticity of Hasegawa's models while novice model makers will appreciate how Hasegawa provides plenty of support and tips on how to make their model making experience enjoyable and rewarding.

The F-16BM Fighting Falcon Test Support is a rear mounted twin engine jet with impressive fire power-including missile capabilities.

The dual passenger cockpit contains state-of-the-art tracking, firing and warning instrumentation.

Long, slender and utilizing a large tail and wing profile the Fighting Falcon also comes with spare fuel tanks for extended flight capabilities.  It also is capable of night flight, long range enemy detection and offers impressive maneuverability and speed. 

The Shinmeiwa US-1 Rescue Ivory amphibious rescue aircraft boasts a lower fuselage shape like a boat, twin side pontoons for stability when land and taking off from water and retractable wheels for landing on turf.

Its large over-the-fuselage front wings support four powerful prop engines while its large tail fin (for stability) supports the rear wings mounted at its top.

Twin pilot seats comprise the multi window cockpit, various fuselage bulges hide delicate detection equipment and the large bulbous nose make air and sea rescue possible with its hidden scanning equipment.

While only a limited number of aircraft were produced the Rescue Ivory boasts and impressive rescue record of hundred of people.