Saturday, June 28, 2014

Continuum Seasons 1 & 2 and Star Trek The Original Series Portfolio Prints

Rittenhouse Archives/Sci-fi Hobby has just released two brand new Trading Card Sets: one based on a classic science fiction series and one on a new sci-fi series.

Both series feature five Cards per Foil Pack with 24 Packs per Box.  As with all Rittenhouse Archives/Sci-fi Hobby Trading Cards each and every Card is printed on high-quality, heavy paper stock with full bleed photos or art work.  

Each Card is precisely trimmed with clean and crisp trim edges.  Foil Packs are tightly sealed and Rittenhouse ensures that no 'Card pickers' can select only the Foil Packs with special Cards by compensating for thick Cards by placing them mid-Foil Pack and making the Foil Packs impervious to electronic snooping.

Bonus Cards are randomly inserted in Foil Packs, ensuring that everyone who purchases a Foil Pack has an equal chance of finding Bonus Cards. 

The hit new sci-fi/suspense/fantasy/horror series Continuum has become a fan favorite.  Rittenhouse Archives/Sci-fi Hobby has compiled an impressive Trading Card collection covering Seasons 1 &2 consisting of three Cards per episode.

Sixty nine Cards make up the Base Set (I compiled a full Set).  Randomly inserted Bonus Cards include:

69 numbered GOLD Base Parallel Cards (1 for me)
7 Continuum Stars Cards (I received 2)
6 Continuum Future Tech Cards (1 for me)
18 Continuum Character cards (1 again)
16 Continuum Relic cards (1 guaranteed per Box.  I received Alex Sadler's Flannel Shirt)
2 Autograph Cards are guaranteed per Box (I got 3!--Jennifer Spense, Tahmoh Penikett and Michael Rogers) 

Rittehouse Archives/Sci-fi Hobby's new Star Trek The Original Series Portfolio Prints Trading Cards feature the incredible artwork of Juan Ortiz.  Juan created a complete retro series of posters of all the original series Star Trek TV episodes (along with the animated series) which are incredible.  Speaking as a fellow graphic designer I have to say I am impressed.

The 80 Card Base Set includes a Poster Card for each of the 79 episodes (2 for The Menagerie).  I assembled a complete Set with lots of extras.

Randomly inserted Bonus Cards include:

80-card GOLD base parallel set featuring facsimile signature of artist Juan Ortiz (I received 1)
80-card AUTOGRAPH base parallel set with cards signed by artist Juan Ortiz (zip)
22-card set featuring Star Trek: The Animated Series poster art by Juan Ortiz (2)
7-card Star Trek Bridge Crew Portraits set (1)
7-card Star Trek Bridge Crew GOLD Portraits Variation Bonus set (zip)
9-card Star Trek Bridge Crew Abstracts set (1)
Sketch Cards cover all 50 episodes from Seasons 2 and 3 of Star Trek.  One Sketch Card guaranteed per Box (1)
2 Autograph Cards are guaranteed per Box (Juan Ortiz and Garth Pillsbury are mine)

Both the Star Trek and Continuum Card Sets offer additional Bonus Cards for Cases, etc.