Friday, August 15, 2014

Heavenly Sword

Based on the popular Heavenly Sword video game the new computer animated movie by the same name from Cinedigm delves deeper in to the legend of the sword.
Fiery red hair warrior Nariko, whom her disappointed father wished to be a male, proves herself a capable and dangerous foe against the warriors and might of the evil King Bohan.

Given the Heavenly Word to wield and protect, Nariko, and her blood thirsty but childlike younger sister, must unite to stop the mad king’s unholy quest to gain the sword and ultimate power.

One of the mostly highly anticipated video game adapted movies by its legions of fans Heavenly Sword delivers on all levels, with spectacular special effects, superbly choreographed battle scenes, breath-taking vistas and a pulse-pounding soundtrack.

Heavenly Sword is available on Blu-ray and DVD with several extras including a ‘Making’ of featurette, trailers and more are included.