Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Red Dolphin and Team Lucky Strike

Hasegawa Hobby Kits presents two distinctive types of transportation.  One flies in the air while the other practically flies on the ground.

Japan’s Air Force’s top training aircraft is the Kawasaki T4 twin engine jet. Dubbed the Red Dolphin the Hasegawa model kit is scaled at 1/48 and is a Limited Edition release.jhaegawa

In service since 1988 the Red Dolphin recently celebrated the 50th Anniversary of its namesake, the T-4, by changing its color scheme.

Streamlined and consisting of twin engines, twin pilot cockpit, distinctive silhouette and swept back wings and oversize rear fin, the Red Dolphin is the epitome of the Jet Age.

The oversize canopy, tilted slightly forward, makes for excellent visibility and its short nose, acronymic form and powerful engines help the craft to be one of the most versatile, fast and maneuverable trainers in the air-excellent for pilots in training.

As with all Hasegawa Hobby kits the Red Dolphin kits contains precision modeled and crafted pieces with little or no flashing, complete instructions for paint, assembly and decals and a short historical text on the aircraft contained in the instructions.

Not as fast, but just as impressive, is the 1/12 Scale Yamaha YZR500 Team Lucky Strike Limited Edition model kit fashioned after the famous Team Lucky Strike Roberts Yamaha ten time Grand Prix winner.

This slick new (updated) model kit has a wraparound shroud for acronymic efficiency, integrated seat, new brake calipers and decals for #17, Wayne Rainey.

Once painted and decaled in white, red and yellow the Team Lucky Yamaha model looks as if it might jump off its custom kickstand and race around the room!