Monday, September 15, 2014


After artist Jack Kirby's brief, but prolific, 1970's tenure at DC Comics, the King returned to Marvel Comics.  Hoping to recapture some of magic he created at DC Comics, Jack introduced the Eternal to Marvel Comics (a sort of New Gods reboot).  
While the characters never achieved the popularity of many of Jack's other Marvel Comics creations, the Eternals would become a crucial part of the Marvel Universe.

Writer Neil Gaiman and artist John Romita, Jr. breathed new life into the Eternals with their successful Eternals mini-series.

What if a group of super-powered beings existed thousands of years ago that were given the task of protecting mankind?  What if no one remembered they existed?

Medical student Mark Curry soon discovers that the Eternals do exist and that he might be one of them!

Shout! Factory presents its Marvel Knights animated adaptation of the Eternals mini-series complete with state-of-the-art animation, stellar voice cast, thundering soundtrack and impressive visual effects.

A special look back at the Eternals with John Romita, Jr. is also included.