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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hornet, Super, Tanker and Tornado

What comes in 1:48, 1:72 and 1:200 Scale, are packed with details and extras, are easy to assemble using the enclosed instructions, feature killer decals, tight fitting pieces, minimum flashing and look cool when assembled?  Why, Hasegawa Hobby Kits' aircraft of course!
Four new releases have just hit stores and one (if not all) are sure to satisfy the aerodynamic longing of any aircraft modeler's heart.

First up in the Limited Edition collection is the FA18A Hornet NASA blue and white jet powered bullet that screams along at high altitudes.

A favorite of NASA astronauts wannabes the  Hornet is a high-altitude stinger with lots of attitude at any height.  Sleek, fast and highly maneuverable, the Hornet is and has been used for high-altitude tests where it tests out the latest in aerodynamic alloys, metals and other state-of-the-art equipment and performs test flights that push the boundaries of what an aircraft can do.

Equipped with Aeroplastic wings the powerful jet holds a single pilot along with a reserve fuel tank and with its long fuselage, wind shearing wings and high maneuverability the Hornet is the Queen Bee of the air.

The Messerschmitt BF109F-4 Super Experten WWII fighter may not have the speed or the high-altitude capabilities of the Hornet but for its time is was still a formidable weapon of war. 
Highly successful against the Russians the Luffwaffe used the Super Experten to full advantage and managed to strike up an impressive number of kills.  And it's no wonder.

The Messerschmitt BF109F-4 Super Experten sports a powerful drive train and engine that takes up nearly half of the aircraft.  A single pilot cockpit barely juts above the fuselage and the long slender wings. With its narrow rear fuselage and impressive weapons arsenal the Messerschmitt BF109F-4 Super Experten struck fear into the hearts of any Allied Forces pilot that faced it.

Incredibly maneuverable, deadly and preferred by some of Germany's top pilots the Messerschmitt BF109F-4 Super Experten is truly a WWII classic.

It's a sad farewell to the Tornado GR4 #12 Farewell Special  first introduced to the skies in the 1970s. Known for its carrying capability, range and performance the Tornado GR4 #12 was designed to be the best in all areas.  

It variable-geometry wings allowed the aircraft to fly long missions, deliver deadly payloads of bombs, devastating air assaults and do it quickly, efficiently and precisely.

It's huge tailfin aided its special swept wing design to dominate the airways for the British during the Gulf War and other skirmishes and once upgraded to the GR4 the delivery of guided munitions became even more efficient.

Anyway you name it the Tornado lives  up to its namesake: fast, intimidating and deadly. Two decals versions are available.

The KC-767 World Tanker Combo two aircraft model kits from Hasegawa Hobby Kits features both the Colombian and Italian Air Force configurations.

Capable of carrying 160,000 lbs of aviation fuel the KC-767 boasts an impressive flight range capability.  Still in-service (including a version for Japan) it comes with twin engines, a huge landing gear and wheel platform, fuel pods and a sleek tubular design that allows the swept wing aircraft to easily ply the skyways.  

As with all Hasegawa Hobby Kits aircraft models the KC-767 Tanker has multiple part trees with easily detachable parts with little of no flashing, easy-to-follow instructions for assembly, paint and decal application and an intriguing and informative historical narrative included with its instructions.