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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Space Show, Patema Inverted and Nocturna

Get ready for some Anime fun with three new Blu-ray series from Cinedigm.  Let your imagination roam free as you travel to space, an underground world and a dream landscape. 
Each Blu-ray Anime includes a "Making of' featurette, interviews, trailers and much, much more.  Marvel at the incredible animation filled with memorable scenes and characters and stunning visual effects and incredible vistas.

In Welcome To The Space Show five elementary kids get more than they bargained from  when they rescue a 'dog' only to discover that he is an alien.

As a reward for rescuing him, the alien takes the children to his moon base and after several unfortunate and unusual events the children find themselves stranded on Luna.

Ever resourceful the children find their way to the alien's home world and eventually back home but only after embarking on one of the most exciting adventures imaginable.

Patema is an underground dweller that traverses a series of tunnels running through a vast forgotten industrial complex.

Although a princess she has limited freedom.  But rules or no rules Patema still decides to explore a forbidden zone.  Startled by a bat like creature she 'pops' up into the upper world only to discover that the law of physics-especially gravity- are in reverse. 

A surface dweller, Age, discovers Patema clinging to a tree branch and despite his society's ban on helping underground dwellers he agrees to help her return home.

For a real Alice in Wonderland type adventure join Tim as he discovers who is responsible for bed heads, night sounds and unusual odd happenings at night come from.

When stars begin to disappear and nature seems to be turning in on itself its up to Tim to help the Cat Shepard and his cohorts to stop the dark forces that threaten the night.