Friday, November 14, 2014

Crazy, Breaking, Living, Wetter and Peace

Are you ready to spend the holidays giggling and guffawing?  If so, you'd best buy a new bevy of books that are guaranteed to bemuse your funny bone until it breaks. 

Andrews McMeel Publishing presents five new compilations of some of the most popular newspaper comic strips ever produced.

Slapstick, subtle or right in your face, the humor presented by each comic strip collection is a giggle-fest wrapped up and printed on paper.

In the newest collection of the Get Fuzzy daily and Sunday comic strips called 'You Can't Fight Crazy' the ill-mannered and cantankerous cat Bucky, along with his canine friend Satchel, stir things up for their human owner Rob in a series of mishaps that are sure to chill the blood of any pet owner. 

From an anti-social network to a gastronomic catastrophe, one thing is for sure, owning a cat and dog can be anything but uncomplicated.

'A Pearls Before Swine' creator Stephan Pastic looks more than befuddled on the cover of Pearls newest collection.  He looks downright crazy.  You'd be going crazy too if you had to put up with the shenanigans he does in 'Breaking Stephen.'

How would you like to deal with a bunch of criminal critters making crazy movies, that include alcohol swizzling crocodiles, an egotistical cyclist, cynical toys and much more cartoon madness?

In 'Living The Dream' the latest Mutts collection, author Patrick McDonnell presents the pleasant side of raising pets with heartfelt comic strips about friendship, loyalty, wide-eyed wonder and the simple things in life.  Isn't it time to lay back and experience the four seasons of sleep?

Speaking of animals.  Just kidding! 'Wetter Louder Stickier' the new Baby Blue Collection looks at the joys, frustrations, exasperations, complications and craziness of raising three young kids. 

Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott invite readers to visit the MacPherson clan as mom and pop deal with shuffling their kids to activities, clean up after their disastrous messes, try to take time out for themselves and suddenly come to the realization that life will never be the same again-until the kids leave.

If you have kids or plan on having those lovable munchkins take a moment to sing the blues--the baby blues.

Kids, they start out small but before you know it they grow up to be ravenous, unorganized, insufferable teenagers who never listen, rebel for no other reason that they can and generally make life "interesting" for their parents.

Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman's Zits comic strip promises 'Peace Love & Wifi.' If only it were that simple!

Jeremy seems determined to make his parent's lives miserable and confusing-or so they believe.  The truth be told, he's a regular teenager with over-active hormones, selective hearing, oblivious to time and responsibility and more interested that technology matters.

It's the newest generation against the older generation in a cultural and social showdown that offers some hilarious moments. stacks of cloths and dishes, an insatiable appetite for food and music, questionable social networking skills, physical awkwardness and no sense of the now.

'Pop' in for Zits.