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Friday, November 21, 2014

World Series Champions 2014

The World Series-the pinnacle of Major League Baseball-the ultimate test  for pitchers, hitters, outfielders, catchers and the rest of the members of any MLB player.

This year's World Series held more than its fair chare of breath-holding, white-knuckle surprise.  Careers were made and tarnished, new and veteran players were put to the ultimate test both physically and mentally but ultimately the San Francisco Giants won!

Relive every edge-of-your-seat moment as the Giants win their third World Series in five years.   Surprises abound as the team that many have named as 'more character than talent' proves that with character comes talent.

Lionsgate presents the World Series Champions 2014 on DVD that includes highlights, milestones, interviews and much more!  Batter up!