Monday, November 10, 2014

Zero, Mistel 2 and Stratojet

Hasegawa Hobby Kits presents three new Limited Edition aircraft model kits to start the holiday season right.  Are you listening parents and spouses of model kit makers?

First up is the Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter Type 52 'TAIHO Fighter Group' WWII Japanese fighter measuring out at 1:48 Scale.

Precisely matching the original aircraft in every detail the plastic model kit is an engineering marvel on a miniature scale.

Several part trees hold parts securely for easy identification.  Instructions guide the model maker through the assembly, painting and decaling and once assembled the model can be displayed with landing gear up and down as with all Hasegawa Hobby Kits aircraft models.

The Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter Type 52 'TAIHO Fighter Group' was one of earliest Zero aircraft but it was lethal nonetheless.  Fast, maneuverable and packing plenty of fire power the Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter Type 52 'TAIHO Fighter Group' aircraft made for a formidable foe once airborne.

Sleek, short and boasting a tri-blade propeller the Zero also carried a bomb below its fuselage making it a perfect anti-ship aircraft.

Later models sported wings that did not fold, greater fire power, more powerful engines and maneuverability few aircraft could match.

Measuring in at 1:72 Scale the Hasegawa Hobby Kits FW190A-8 & JU88G-1 Mistel 2 Combo Nazi aircraft was dubbed 'the original guided missile'.

As the war drew to a close and Germany recognized that drastic measures must be taken if it had any chance of winning it began producing revolutionary aircraft designs.

One such design was the Mistel 2. 

Attached to a fighter the converted bomber was packed with munitions.

Once over its target the Mistel 2 would be released. Even without a guidance system the Mistel 2 was so packed with explosives near misses didn't matter.  The destruction it packed was devastating.

The twin aircraft model kit is perhaps one of the most bizarre looking aircraft models once assembled.

A fighter with drop tank is attached to the Mistel 2 via a minimal scaffold. 

The Mistel 2 has no cockpit but rather a tapered nose warhead and two large tri-propeller engines.

This is a model kit best displayed hanging from the ceiling to get its full impact.
The Hasegawa Hobby Kits 1:72 Scale B-47E Stratojet Research model kit recreates the impressive first jet bomber. 

Its six engines and swept back wings were the forerunners of many of today's civilian and military aircraft.

Designed to drop a nuclear payload the Stratojet was a high-flying bomber with long range capabilities-long enough to reach Russia during the Cold War.

Beautiful in its deadly design the Stratojet was deadly bird of destruction.

Hasegawa Hobby Kits has recreated the look of the huge aircraft.  With its multi color paint scheme, multi-panel fuselage and long wing swept wings balancing its huge jet engines the hobby kit is a modern day reminder of the nuclear holocaust which might have been.