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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Arcadia and Miss Molly

Hasegawa Hobby Kits presents two new Limited Edition flying machine models.

First up is the Space Pirate Battleship Second Ship Phantom Death Shadow Conversion scaled at 1:1500 that requires some considerable model making skill-it's a regular Creator Works!

Made to destroy, The Space Pirate Battleship Second Ship Phantom Death Shadow is spaceship predator with enough fire power to make any opponent think twice about taking on Captain Harlock's magnificent Pulsar Cannon equipped ship of death.

Add to the triple mount Pulsar Cannon a Blade Ram and weapons that literally cover its hull and deck and you have a pirate ship that strikes fear it the most stalwart of adversaries.

Primarily a deep blue in color the Phantom Death boasts powerful aft engines, several array so of wings and stabilizing extensions, a conning tower, antenna, a captain's quarters fashioned after the pirate ships of old and an impressive size that dwarfs most challengers.

Take a moment to gaze over the sleek angular ship and its skull insignia and flag.

The full color instructions provide a full overview of the impressive spacecraft and aids model makers with assembly and paint and decal application. 

Ten part trees hold the over 200 pieces.  Parts detach easily with minimal or no flashing.  

Decals apply smoothly with no wrinkles and the base with its techno stand makes the spaceship appear to float in space. Two Space Wolf fighters are also included.

Strictly terrestrial the F-14A Tomcat 'Miss Molly' is a descendant of the famed WWII 'Sundowners' that fought the Japanese during the Pacific Theater.

The modern 'Sundowner's' aircraft of choice was the F14A Tomcat Miss Molly.  referred as the 'backbone of the U.S. Navy aviation the Tomcat saw action as part of task force of the USS Carl Vinson on its maiden voyage.

Long and cylindrical the Tomcat is all business with its twin passenger cockpit, large sweptback wings, twin tail fins, heavy armament and weapons and low profile it's a true 'cat' of the skies that packs lots of 'scratch' and 'claw' capabilities.