Friday, January 30, 2015

The Aviators

Brad Garrett and Jeff Foxworthy are just two of the stellar cast of actors lending their voices to the animated adventures of a group of carrier pigeons and their mouse friend that team up to defeat their enemy and save the lives of American soldiers.
Get ready for some high-flying adventures and acrobatics as the feathery and furry friends join the war effort.  It’s exciting, dangerous and fun all wrapped up in one Blu-ray/DVD combo from Cinedigm.

101 Dalmatians

It’s been said that, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”  I disagree. Diamonds are everyone’s best friend, especially when it pertains to Disney Studios’ very special Diamond Edition, Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Combo release of its animated classic: 101 Dalmatians. 

Pongo, Perdita and their pups are back and face off against Cruella De Vil, the wicked, rich matriarch who wants a new Dalmatians fur coat.

It’s a struggle to survive as 101 Dalmatians attempt to reunite with their master and escape Cruella’s henchmen in a slapstick, hold-onto-your sides, adventure wroth with danger, laced with love and sprinkled with laughter.  

If you've not had the opportunity to see this Disney classic I encourage you to watch it in its new remastered version: clear-as-a-bell re-release.

Filled with the tried and true Disney magic the story is a real family pleaser (no need to worry about foul language or unexpected innuendos).

This is animation as it is meant to be seen in its original format-cell animation.

Disney artists pulled out all the stops with clever and often hilarious character representations (both human and animal)  Take a moment to check out the farm animal and dog representations.  Each and everyone is distinct and individual.

Cruella De Vil ranks as one of Disney's top villains. So much so that she was recreated as a real person in the live-action Dalmatian movies.

Included with Combo Pack are a new animated short taking up where the movie left off,  a special featurette about the film, conversations with the Disney team, a very special 1962 Dalmatians short and more as only Disney can provide.

The entire package is wrapped up in a special silver slip case which include a Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD that allows you to download the film to your favorite digital format player.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fangoria #339, February

Fangoria delivers scares galore in its latest issue sporting a creepy artistic rendition of horror director John Carpenter with his 'fingers' on the pulse of movie soundtracks.
Other goodies (or is that ghoulies?) include:

MINIFEATURE: THE 2014 ITALIAN HORROR FEST Last year’s event celebrated fear from within and outside its home country.
RETROSPECTIVE: “MESSIAH OF EVIL,” PART TWO Offscreen influences couldn’t prevent this cult flick from rising from the dead.
INTERVIEWS: “THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2 ANGEL OF DEATH” The specter of the hit original was a lot to live up to for the sequel-makers.
PREVIEW: “WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS” Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi reveal how much fun it can be to live with vampires.
PREVIEW: “THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE” The government can’t contain a paranormal possession in Chris (“Buried”) Sparling’s film.
PREVIEW: “FEAR CLINIC” Robert Englund brings his dreadside manner to Robert Hall’s feature expansion of his web series.
INTERVIEW: MICHAEL EKLUND He’s the man to “Call” if you’re looking for an actor to plumb “Dark” emotions.
INTERVIEW: LISA AND LOUISE BURNS With just a few (simultaneously spoken) words, they stole “The Shining.”
RETROSPECTIVE: “ED WOOD” Who’d have thought the “Worst Director” would be the best subject? Screenwriters Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski did.
INTERVIEW: JOHN CARPENTER As his first solo album arrives, we talk in depth with the Master of Horror about his music. Plus: “Lost Themes” reviewed.
MINIFEATURE: JAKE FREEMAN He’s a “Protector” of the synthesized faith as he moves into movies.
INTERVIEW: RICHARD BAND His score for Dan O’Bannon’s second and last directorial venture deserves to be “Resurrected.”
INTERVIEW: CLINT MANSELL Darren Aronofsky’s singular, scary cinema wouldn’t be the same without this composer’s aural accompaniment.
MINIFEATURE: TWIZTID In their 14th year making menacing music, the duo continue bringing the “Darkness.”
MINIFEATURE: “THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY” The Oscar-winning film now looks better than ever on Blu-ray.
INTERVIEW: NICHOLAS VINCE Out from behind his “Hellraiser” makeup, he has made his mark as an author.
MINIFEATURE: WILLIAM MORTENSEN New and reissued books reveal a vintage photographer with a uniquely dark vision.
DIARY OF THE DEB: “MODEL HUNGER,” PART THREE As Debbie continued to shoot, a troublesome visitor threatened to “Driver” mad.
NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: “HELL FIRE” Ladies of the night meet the son of Satan, and Marc Fratto was the referee.
INTERVIEW: BRADEN CROFT “Feed the Gods” and “Hemorrhage” mark the Canadian filmmaker as an unconventional talent.
INTERVIEW: ZACK WARD “Don’t Blink” in the face of adversity, says the actor turned producer.
FEATURE: “SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK” Among the legions of kids these books spooked were some fright filmmakers to be.
FIRST RITES Music to their fears
POSTAL ZONE Defending the “Dead”
MONSTER INVASION Previews of “The Scarehouse” and “The Casebook of Eddie Brewer,” plus the 2015 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards ballot!
THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of “Lord of Illusions,” “Christmas Evil,” “Wicked, Wicked” and others.
DUMP BIN DIARIES CFS Releasing’s “The Boggy Creek Legacy Collection”

Justice League, Dragon and Peanuts

Schleich (makers of high-quality plastic toys and figures) presents some its new line of figures for 2015.
Each and every figure (based on real or imagined creatures and people) are superbly sculpted, precisely painted with mat colors and look exactly like their full size real or imagined inspirations.  

Those figures that come on or in display packaged are showcased by full-color art or photos of the figures contained.

Details abound and with Schleich's new round of figures there's something for everyone from superhero fans to fantasy and real life figure miniature collectors.

Based on the Justice League figures from DC Comics' New 52 library of comic books the Superman and Batman figures stand out predominately.

Superman stands with arms folded as if gazing at an approaching enemy.  

His powerful chest and torso are showcased and accented by his red, blue and yellow outfit with flowing red cape.  Take a moment to appreciate the tiny details, especially on his face and torso.

The Batman figure stands slightly crouched with Batman leaning forward as if to pounce on or pummel an adversary.  

Dressed in black and gray with a huge bat emblem on his chest and with his trademark utility best around his waist, Batman looks like all business-the business to beat up bad guys!

I especially like his long black flowing cape, cowl and foreboding stance.

The red Warrior Dragon is a fierce flying reptile with snarling, fang filled maw, uplifted right leg with six deadly claws, a barrel chest, large red and white scales, a twin-horn adorned head with bony top and side ridges, a white-bone tipped, segmented tail with bony spikes running across its top and two, tattered and bone-tipped wings ready to take flight.  

The Warrior Dragon is one fierce reptilian killing machine with heavy scale armor, a ridged underbelly in white and four powerful legs with clawed feet that rip and tear any opponent to shreds.

For a lighter and more gentle touch check out Schleich's Peanuts figures that include Snoopy (with red dog bowl in his mouth), his bird buddy Woodstock, Charlie Brown and his nemesis Lucy.

With the Peanuts movie due to come out soon these are the perfect figures to collect.
All look exactly like their newspaper comic strip namesakes and make a fine addition to any Peanuts fan's collection.
"Good grief! What a collection!"

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Sea Ghost

From Nemo Toys/Capt'n Eli comes its latest MEGO style articulated figure: The Sea Ghost.
Taking it's inspiration from famous Golden Age comic book heroes, The Sea Ghost is a blue skin, white hair avenger of the deep dressed in aquatic black and white undersea attire.

Emblazoned on his chest is a seahorse in black silhouette.  The fully-articulated figure features a real cloth outfit, solid white hands, black feet and fierce visage that is sure to strike terror in any bad guy's heart. 

Displayed in a bubble pack with a full color illustration of The Sea Ghost complementing the figure the package also include a short bio of The Sea Ghost on its back along with several character sketches.

Be sure to pick up The Sea Ghost comic book from the  Nemo Publishing Group for the full, action-packed story behind the avenger of the sea.

You have to 'sea' it to believe it!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Clarence and Steven

The Cartoon Network continues to turn out animated TV shows that kids (and adults) love.  Case in point: Clarence and Steven Universe. 

In Clarence the world is viewed through the eyes of an optimistic, curious and lovable boy who takes on life head on and enjoys every moment and invites his friends to come along.

Experience the joy and excitement of such childhood events as pulling pranks, mud fight,s sleepovers and all of the things young boys and girls enjoy while growing up.  

Clarence can take a mundane event and turn it into a celebration.  Join him in 12 fun-filled episodes with the Clarence Mystery PiƱata DVD collection which also includes the Pilot Episode.

Steven Universe Gem Glow follows the misadventures of Steven Universe the ‘little brother’ to the guardians of humanity: the Crystal Gems.   Young, inexperienced  and (let’s face it) not all that bright, none of which stops him from joining his Gem Glow team and ultimately saving the day.  

The Cartoon Network presents 12 episodes from the series’ first season including the Pilot Episode. 

So, join in the fun, rediscover your childhood and invite the kids to come along.  You may just find that the kid in you and the kids around you have a lot in common.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Previews, February 2015

Rachel Rising #25 l Abstract Studios
Afterlife With Archie Volume 1: Escape From Riverdale TP l Archie Comics
Uber Volume 1 TP l Avatar Press
Caliban #1 l Avatar Press
Dead Letters #1 l BOM! Studios
Regular Show Volume 1 TP l BOM! Studios
Solar: Man of the Atom #1 l D. E./Dynamite Entertainment
Flash Gordon #1 l D. E./Dynamite Entertainment
xxxHOLiC Rei Volume 1 GN l Kodansha Comics
Archer Coe Volume 1 GN l Oni Press
Shadowman: End Times #1 l Valiant Entertainment
Escapo HC l Z2 Comics

Jeffrey Brown: Kids Are Weird: Observations From Parenthood HC l Humor
Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters SC l Movie/TV
Godzilla: The Art of Destruction HC l Movie/TV
The Klingon Art of War HC l Star Trek

Marvel Chess Figurine Collection #7: Red Skull Black King l Eaglemoss
Marvel Chess Figurine Collection #8: Thor White Bishop l Eaglemoss
Marvel Fact Files Special #3: Captain America l Eaglemoss

Topps 2014 Baseball Series 2 l Topps Company
Bowman 2014 Football Trading Cards l Topps Company
The Walking Dead Season 3 Part 2 Trading Cards l Cryptozoic Entertainment
Marvel Universe 2014 Trading Cards l Rittenhouse Archives
Star Wars Chrome: Perspectives Trading Cards l Topps Company

Deadpool: “Question Mark” Red T-Shirt l Previews Exclusive Wear
Deadpool Pop Text Snap Back Cap l Previews Exclusive Wear
Zenescope: “Oz: The Emerald City” Charcoal T-Shirt l Previews Exclusive Wear
Doctor Who: “Gallifrey Stands” Black T-Shirt l Previews Exclusive Wear
The Walking Dead: “Daryl Walker” Black T-Shirt l Previews Exclusive Wear
Marvel Heroes: “Twelve Up” Charcoal T-Shirt l Previews Exclusive Wear
DC Comics: “Harley Quinn Diamonds” Black T-Shirt l Previews Exclusive Wear
Thunderbolts Black T-Shirt l Previews Exclusive Wear
Adventure Time: “Gunter” Large Print Black T-Shirt l Previews Exclusive Wear
Star Wars: “Ray of Hope” Red T-Shirt l Previews Exclusive Wear
Harley Quinn: Loves by Amanda Conner T-Shirt l Graphitti Designs
Batman: Pearls by Marc Silvestri T-Shirt l Graphitti Designs

Dc Multiverse 4-Inch Action Figures l DC Heroes
Power Rangers: Legendary Nippon Edition Megazord l Movie/TV
Gentle Giant: Zombie Venom Mini-Bust l Marvel Heroes
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon 1/4-Scale Statue l The Wa lking Dead

Danger Room Sessions: Juggernaut Fine Art Statue l Kotobukiya
Toho 12-Inch Series: Mothra “1961” Vinyl Figure l Godzilla
Toho 12-Inch Series: Godzilla “2003” Vinyl Figure l Godzilla
DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai Action Figures l DC Heroes
DC Hero: Sofubi Superman Figures l DC Heroes
Doctor Who: The Other Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver l Doctor Who
Attack on Titan: Levi Nendoroid l Nendoroids
Super Mario: Luigi Nendoroid l Nendoroids
AK: Dead Cosmonaut Golovorez Figure l Threea
Street Fighter IV: Chun-Li (Ver. 2.0) RAH l Video Games
Street Fighter IV: Cammy RAH l Video Games
Mothra S.H.Monster Arts Figure l Tamashii Nations

Batman: Arkham Asylum Bust Banks l Batman
Halo: Light Up Cortana Chip Keychain l Halo
Breaking Bad: 6-Inch Bobble Heads l Movie/TV

Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool l Wizkids/Neca
Marvel HeroClix: X-Men Days Future of Past l Wizkids/Neca

Archer Season 4 l Animation
Transformers Armada: The Complete Series l Animation

Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor l Doctor Who