Monday, January 12, 2015

Alien, Tarzan, Alvin, Horror and Sci-fi

Titan Books has just released a bevy of beautiful books that are guaranteed to bedazzle, beguile and benefit readers that love films, art and comic books.

Alien: ask anyone who is worth their salt when it comes to movies and usually the first reaction you'll get is, "Alien scared the crap out of me!"

Whether its exploring a long dead Alien ship, fighting off aggressive Aliens, trying to avoid Aliens in a penal colony or fending off Aliens with the help of a modified Alien/human hybrid, each and every one of the four original Alien movies managed to scare and captivate audiences.

Titan Books' Alien The Archive: The Ultimate Guide To the Classic Movies in a gorgeous oversize hardbound book packed with photos, production art and more.

Pages are filled with images guaranteed to shock accompanied by informative text explaining the filming process.

Look for behind-the-scenes production photos, production art, miniature photos, conceptual art and secrets of film magic in the Alien book to beat all Alien books.

Long before Alien showed on the Silver Screen a famous literary fantasy series existed.  First published in pulp magazines and then in novels the Tarzan series of books would blossom into film, animation, comic books, the stage, comic strips and create a whole industry of merchandise centered around the Tarzan franchise.

The Centennial Celebration Tarzan: The Stories, The Movies, The Art by Scott Tracey Griffin, celebrates the famous ape man and legacy sprung from the fertile imagination of Tarzan's creator:  Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Before Photoshop and digital imagery predominated the movie poster industry a handful of artists produced the majority of movie posters.

One of the best was John Alvin and the artist's career and life is celebrated through art in The Art of John Alvin written and compiled by Andréa Alvin.

Alvin produced such notable movie posters as ET, Blade Runner, Jurassic Park, Willow, Cocoon and dozens more.

The book is packed to the brim with full-color, full-page movie poster recreations along with sketches, color studies and fascinating text recounting the history of each piece.

For a look at 'true' movie magic don't pass up this book.

For years, decades, the creative team of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon molded and directed the comic book industry.

Their legendary runs on such titles as Captain America, superhero, horror, sci-fi, humor, romance and other comic book genres transformed the comic book industry.

Titan Books present two compilations spotlighting Simon and Kirby's Horror and Sci-fi work with two hardback editions that reprint some of their best work in those genres.

Simon & Kirby Horror! and Simon & Kirby Science Fiction contain the best of the best of Simon and Kirby's work lovingly reprinted in full color.

Both books are 'must have' collections for any comic book fan.