Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Shuttle, Osprey and Whiteknight

One (of many) of the things I like about Hasegawa Hobby Kits is its inventory of models that cover a large selection of genres. 

Case in point.  Recently the company released three new models-each one in a completely different genre and style.

Each model is a perfect example of miniature sculpting that brings to life its respective subject.  Parts are precisely sized and sculpted to fit snuggly together with little or no flashing of parts or the part trees they come on.

Full assemble, paint and decal application instructions come with each that also include short and precise descriptions and historical information of each.

The 1/72 Scale MV-22B Osprey JGSDF Limited Edition model recreates the impressive aircraft that combines the best of a helicopter with a turboprop plane.

Twin over size tri-blades can be positioned for vertical takeoff and hovering or be affixed horizontal for a horizontal flight path like and airplane.

Used primarily as rescue and transport aircraft the Osprey is used by several branches of the U.S. military and before long by the Japanese military.

The model can be displayed with propellers up or down along with the landing gear.  Two pilot figures also come with the model.

A special camouflage paint scheme best suites the aircraft and the accurate deals symbols and type make the model a real eye-pleaser.


The Maschinen Krieger Moon Whiteknight Limited Edition 1/20 Scale mecha offers a glimpse into the future of warfare.

The large, heavily armored troop transport mech armor is massive with its thick armor, self-contained environment, thick, reinforced leg mechanisms and it impressive firepower coming primarily form a huge hand held rifle (smartgun) integrated into the armor.

The Whiteknight is a force best not trifled with. Additional features include new larger rear body shell, vernier nozzle ankle, pilot parts, and decals for a moon version.

It’s time to get cute and you can’t get any cuter than Hasegawa Hobby Kits Egg Plane Space Shuttle & B747 Limited Edition model.

Short and squat the model kit includes the Space Shuttle and Shuttle Carrier including full fuselage attachment paraphernalia and decals for Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour.

Although each aircraft are distorted and condensed into an Egg Plane configuration of the details are still present with full window and fuselage accuracy, engine configurations and paint and decal accuracy.  It’s an ‘egg’cellent model.