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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Star Wars #1

Now that Disney owns LucasArts and Marvel Comic Books it seems only naturally that they would produce a new series of comic books based on the Star Wars franchise. 

Once Dark Horse’s Star Wars license agreement expired Marvel began preparations to produce a whole new series of comic books beginning with the recently released Star Wars title.

In the new series the original cast is back along with a few other familiar faces.  

The series takes place just after the 4th Star Wars film: A New Hope.  Having defeated the Empire and blowing up the first Deathstar the Rebels decide to push their advantage and take the rebellion to the Empire’s front door.

In a daring attack on the Empire's Corellian Weapon Factory Alpha, all goes according to plan until the ‘Negotiator’ shows up, namely Darth Vader.

Things get ‘interesting’ as the Rebels, led by Han, Luke and Leia, discover that the Millennium Falcon has been dismantled by the local scavengers  and Luke is forced to face off against Vader.

Writer Jason Aaron and artist John Cassaday, along with colorist Laura Martin, have successfully brought back the magic of the original Star Wars Trilogy.

The script keeps you riveted to your seat, Cassady’s art is spot-on and the coloring is perfect giving the comic book a cinematic feel.

Star Wars is back, Marvel has it and the sky is the limit!