Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lunch Wore a Speedo

Who would have ever thought that a shark attack could be so funny?  It’s true! Doubt me?  Then pick up a copy of Lunch Wore a Speedo the nineteenth collection of Sherman’s Lagoon comic strip by Jim Toomey and published by Andrews McMeel Publishing.
Sherman the shark, his pals Hawthorne the crab, Fillmore the sea turtle, Ernest the brainy fish and Sherman’s wife Megan are up to their gills in hilarity. Witness Sherman and his pals transformed into humans to attend the Super Bowl, Fillmore acquiring a VW Beetle to pick up girls, the gang stumbling into other fictional characters, Megan’s new robot and so much more outrageous situations that will cause you to laugh so hard your funny bone will hurt.

It’s undersea shenanigans as only Sherman and associates can serve up.