Friday, March 13, 2015

Doctor Who: New Adventures With The Ninth Doctor #1

It's here!  Doctor Who: The New Adventures With The Ninth Doctor #1 stars the Ninth Doctor who reintroduced Doctor Who after too long an absence to TV viewers.

The Ninth Doctor successfully brought Doctor Who into the 21st Century in a brand new TV series from the BBC complete with exciting new stories, spectacular physical and visual effects and a whole new cast of characters.

The new show reinvigorated the Doctor Who franchise garnering millions of fans around the world and setting in place one of the largest merchandising behemoths in modern history.
Now, the Ninth Doctor has his own comic book series from Titan Comics and it, like the TV series, is packed with loads of aliens, danger, excitement and adventure.

Join the doctor, Rose and Captain Jack as they travel the universe encountering danger and intergalactic threats.

In issue #1 the Doctor and his companions were planning on visiting one of the Doctor's favorite planets.  Only when they get there everything is destroyed.

Beamed aboard an alien spacecraft the travelers are questioned and interrogated by a large armor wearing alien.

They manage to escape only to find themselves under attack by another alien race.
Just as they make their escape in the Tardis the Doctor and Captain Jack realize that Rose is not with them-but where is she?

Doctor Who: The New Adventures With The Ninth Doctor is brought to readers by the creative team of Cavan Scott and  Blair Shedd.

The story if brilliant, the art stunning, the coloring exquisite you get the feeling I like this book?  Pick up a copy, you will too-I guarantee it.