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Friday, March 27, 2015

Fangoria #349 March

Here's a list of the ghoulie goodies you can expect this issue of Fangoria:

PREVIEW: “LOST SOUL” As strange as “The Island of Dr. Moreau” is, a new documentary reveals the even more bizarre behind-the-scenes saga.
FEATURE: THE MUSIC OF “HOWLING II” Director Philippe Mora and composer Stephen W. Parsons recall punking out for the werewolf sequel.
PREVIEW: “LORD OF TEARS” Owl be scaring you when you watch the viral-breakout indie Brit chiller.
INTERVIEW: JOEL SOISSON The “Prophecy” and “Feast” producer has also gone through all kinds of “Hellraiser.”
PREVIEW: “WYRMWOOD” Zombies literally drive the narrative in the Australian action/horror synthesis.
PREVIEW: “THE LAZARUS EFFECT” The age-old quest to cheat death gets a modern update in David Gelb’s fear feature.
FEATURE: “OLALLA” Filmmaker/actress Amy Hesketh faced another trial by fire while telling of a bloodsucking brood.
INTERVIEW: DARIO ARGENTO The Italian maestro looks back on his ’80s gems “Phenomena” and “Tenebre.”
INTERVIEW: CLAUDIO SIMONETTI As part of a new Goblin, the movie musician went back to some old sounds for “Phenomena.”
INTERVIEW: LUIGI COZZI Argento’s contemporary took a break from his own films to provide “Phenomena’s” optical-FX magic.
INTERVIEW: SERGIO STIVALETTI Murders and a mutant were part of the FX wizard’s first Argento assignment.
INTERVIEW: SERGIO MARTINO His résumé presents traces of all kinds of violence, from carnal to cannibalistic.
PREVIEW: “ACROSS THE RIVER” A quieter kind of Italian horror is showcased in Lorenzo Bianchini’s fest favorite.
FEATURE: VHS YES While they await the leap to digital, we look at some weird and wonderful titles to track down on tape.
INTERVIEW: TODD LINCOLN Opening a “Gorgeous Vortex,” the director reveals the secrets of his “V/H/S: Viral” addition.
INTERVIEW: MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER The “Criminal Minds” star looks into a very different kind of case suffused in “Suburban Gothic.”
PREVIEW: “FINAL PRAYER” The UK horror movie a.k.a. “Borderlands” is now scaring Stateside viewers.
INTERVIEW: LESLEY-ANNE DOWN A bloodthirsty “Countess” and mysterious “Nomads” have been among her co-stars.
MINIFEATURE: “CRAZY BITCHES” You can’t live with ’em, but you can kill ’em in Jane Clark’s horror/comedy.
INTERVIEW: SPIKE LEE He’s courted controversy again with his crowd-funded vampirism romance “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus.”
FIRST RITES The “Creepers” of youth
MONSTER INVASION Previews of “Solid State” and “The Whispers”
THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of the “Blacula” double feature, “Starry Eyes,” Criterion’s “Don’t Look Now” and others.