Thursday, March 5, 2015

Guardians Team-Up #1

OK, I admit it.  I enjoy Brian M. Bendis’ writing,  I get a kick out of the Guardians of the Galaxy (especially after seeing the film) and I’m a big fan of Marvel Comics’ Avengers (no matter who is a member.)  
And it’s true that Guardians Team-Up #1 delivers all three.  But the main reason I bought this issue (and the next.) is because of who is drawing it.

I absolutely love Arthur Adams’ art!  I’ve followed his career since his early days from his first illustration in DC Comics’ directory of characters where he drew Dolphin to his break-out hit Longshot from Marvel Comics.

Once again Arthur proves his incredible drawing  talent in a brand new story packed with so much detail and crisp clean lines that (according to the book’s credits) no inker was required.  Scans were actually taken form his pencils!  Now that’s tight control.

Is there anything Arthur cannot draw?  Aliens, women, vehicles, environments, visual effects and killer page layouts-he does them all--and very well. Feast your eyes and take in every detail.  I know I am. 

Whatever you do, do not miss this (and the next) issue.