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Friday, March 20, 2015

Harlock Space Pirate

From Ketchup Entertainment comes the DVD of the computer animated Harlock Space Pirate.
Inspired by the popular classic Anime series the Harlock full-length computer animated movie looks into the past and origin of the infamous pirate and his fellow scallywags.

For 100 years Harlock has placed 100 bombs that when detonated will turn back the galactic clock.  His hope is to return Earth and its people back to an earlier version before the Gaia Coalition placed the Earth under quarantine.

Their reason: to stop the influx of humans returning to Earth and straining its natural resources.  Or so they say.

The real truth is one that when revealed shocks all except those in on its sinister secret.

Harlock takes on board a young human who wants to join his crew.  He accepts the young man but all is not what it seems.  Is he friend or foe and what is his agenda?

As Harlock returns to Earth to set the final bomb the Gaia Coalition does everything in their power to stop him in order to guard their secret and maintain their power.

Fans of the original series are sure to love this lavishly and impressively animated feature.  Fantastic character, equipment and environment designs coupled with stunning visual effects make Harlock Space Pirate a classic!