Thursday, April 23, 2015

Four Centuries Of Musical Instruments

Music.  It's everywhere.  Every continent, every country, every village, township and home.
Music touches lives all over the world.  String, horn, brass, percussion-singly or together, musical instruments are the means by which mankind communicates by sound.

You don't have to speak another culture's language. Music spans the gap and communicates with sound and emotion.

Musical instruments have existed since the dawn of man.  Over the centuries they've developed, evolved and matured.

Four Centuries of Musical Instruments by Albert R. Rice from the The Malowe A. Sigal Collection showcases the evolution of instruments over the span of years.

Specific instruments are presented with full color photos along with historical side notes, repair and construction notations and material used.

All come from the aforementioned collection and fill a huge hardbound book proudly presented by Schiffer Publishing.