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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Complete Far Side

For the longest time I thought I was alone with my slightly off-kilter, skewed and non-traditional outlook on life and twisted sense of humor.

I was delighted (and slightly relieved) when I discovered that I had a kindred spirit. 

Gary Larson not only shares my unconventional perspective on life but he also showcased it in a medium I love: the comic strip!

Andrews McMeel Publishing has compiled all of Gary Larson's 'The Far Side' single panel comic strips (roughly in chronological order) in a three volume soft cover collection all wrapped up in black and white hard cover slipcase, emulating a cow's hide!

Not only are The Far Side fans treated to every single black and white and color cartoon expose on the bizarre side of life, the book also includes extra strips created after the series ended and several other 'special' The Far Side cartoons-all by Gary.

Included with each chapter are thoughtful recollections and ponderings by Gary and sprinkled throughout are comments by fans, detractors and Gary about certain more controversial The Far Side cartoons.

For 14 years Gary offered his quirky slices of humor to hundreds of papers around the world until he retired in 1994.

Comedian Steve Martin provides the foreword for the collection (seems appropriate) and Gary's former editor explains how best to explain The Far Side.

For the ultimate trip to The Far Side don't pass up this spectacular collection!