Monday, April 6, 2015

The Simon Wiesenthal Collection and Signed, Sealed, Delivered The Series

From Cinedigm comes two new DVD collections that are sure to inspire.

"Never again."  That's the rally cry of the Jewish people when it comes to the Holocaust of WWII.

History recalls the terrible persecution and elimination of the Jewish people at the hands of the Nazi.  Captured and slaughtered in concentration camps around Europe a remnant of the Jewish people somehow survived and made a solemn vow that the mass elimination of their people would not be forgot.

Simon Wiesenthal was the champion of the Jewish people.  He methodically, meticulously and doggedly followed every clue, sighting and mention of Nazi war criminals who still lived.
Many were captured and put to trial for their war crimes because of Simon and his organization.

As a way to commemorate and document Jewish life and the Holocaust Cinedigm has compiled 12 outstanding documentaries narrated by such famous personalities as Elizabeth Taylor, Orson Wells and many more. 

This outstanidng collection brings the legacy and the struggle of the Jewish people into full light.  With the upsetting current developments occurring in the Middle East and the strained relationship between the United States and Israel this collection helps clear up many misconceptions and sheds light on the truth.

From the Executive Producer of the popular Touched By An Angle TV series comes ten one-hour episodes of the new Signed, Sealed, Delivered series from Hallmark.

Combining the best in humor, romance and drama the series follows an elite team of Dead Letter detectives who track down the recipients of the lost mail while saving and transforming lives, solving crimes and bringing lost loves together.

Known only as the POstables, the unique and diverse group of people are changing people's lives along with their own.