Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Diary Of A Jackwagon

If you've never seen a video of or attended a live stand-up comedy routine of Tim Hawkins you need to. The guy is hilarious and here's the kicker!  He's a Christian and all of his jokes and routines are clean.
In this age of where obscenities and rude behavior are considered comedy Tim Hawkins goes against the grain and proves that humor can be clean, wholesome and downright hilarious.
Tim's new book, from Nelson Books, Diary Of A Jackwagon, contains tidbits of wit and wisdom from Tim that are as every bit as funny as his standup routine. 
For over 20 years Tim has proven that clean humor is funny humor and he must be doing something right as his social network numbers continue to climb into the millions.
Within the book Tim shares his unique takes on marriage, family, work and all other aspect of life, even aging and death.
Once you pick up this book you'll have a hard time putting it down unless its to massage your ribs from laughing so hard.