Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fangoria #342

Fangoria magazine celebrates the Goddess of Gothic: Barbara Steele.  Enjoy a retrospective of the film Satan's Children, preview L.A. Slasher and Oliver Robins of the new Poltergeist is interviewed.

Fangoria goes on the set of We Are Still Here, catch another preview, this time of The Nightmare and the Borely Rectory goes underground.

Barbara Steele and Dick and Lainie Miller are interviewed, Lost River is featured, Mark Damon recounts his long horror film career and pack up and visit the Circus Of The Dead.

Preview Der Samurai and Burying The Ex, Joan Van Ark chats with Fangoria as does Brad Dourif and it's time to go to First Rites, drop of at the Postal Zone, beware of a Monster Invasion, Watch The Video Eye of Dr. Cyclops, dream about the Nightmare Library and read The Dump Bin Diaries.