Monday, June 1, 2015

It Finally Happened

As of this week I will no longer be buying new comic books on a regular weekly basis.


Yep, it’s true.  Now before you jump to any conclusions, let me explain.  I’ll continue to buy an issue now and then and write reviews.

As much as I love comic books I made the difficult decision to stop regularly buying new comic books for several reasons.

Reason one:  comic books are getting too expensive.  I’m getting ready to retire and to be honest I can’t afford to pay anywhere from $3 to $5 a piece for comic books.

Reason two: I started reading comic books to escape everyday life and reality.  Comic books have become too realistically violent.  Couple that with the foul language, 
brow-beating about social issues and slanted political views and I find myself depressed after reading many titles.  Not all comic books are like this, but the majority is.

Reason three: I prefer reading Pre-Modern Age books, primarily Silver and Bronze Ages.  These were the comic books I grew up with and call me an 'old fuddy duddy’ but I still think these Ages offer the best stories, art and reads.

Reason four: Modern comic books offer very little story per issue.  Instead comic book companies plan huge ‘events’ that crossover to so many titles that trying to keep track of what is going on is both confusing and expensive.

Reason five:  I’m downsizing and selling off most of my collection.  Imagine 23 years of accumulated pop culture material: toys, books, comic books, etc. cluttering up my house.  It’s time to ‘clean house’.

While I still respect the artists, writers and producers of comic books I can’t help but feel out of touch.  The majority of comic books being produced are not for children or new readers.  They are produced for the veteran comic book reader and have ‘matured’ to keep that audience.

Enough violence, sexual innuendo, cursing and dark, depressing stories, give me good old DC, Marvel or other Silver Age or Bronze Age comic books  to read for at least a few minutes of fun and escapism.

As comic books continue to shrink, prices rise and the slow transition to digital format dominates the hobby I’ll still have fond memories of reading comic books when it was fun.