Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sons Of Anarchy and Breaking Bad

Two cable TV shows have pushed the envelope of acceptable content on TV.  Both series have recently ended.
Sons Of Anarchy, is edgy, in-your-face and often shocking.
Recently Mezco Toyz created a series of figures based on the series' characters.
One its 12-inch figures, Jax Teller, President, showcases just how much careful detail and work went into each figure in the series.
Jax stands defiantly with his tattooed right arm resting on his right hip.  Three fingers have rings and can hold the knife packaged with the figure.  His left arm hangs to his side and the left hand's thumb barely touches the chain hanging from his left pants pocket.
The figure is clothed in blue denim pants nod vest, white t-shirt and white tennis shoes.
Pay particular attention how the partial articulation points are cleverly placed as to not detract from the figure itself.
Clothing folds and wrinkles follow the contour of the figure and look natural.  Little extras like the silver buttons on the vest, the t-shirt sleeve stitching, how the folds follow the slight bend in Jax's legs, the silver chain, rings on the fingers, tattoos on the hands and arms of the figure and even the 'President: Men of Mayhem and Redwood Original' blue text on the four white horizontal strips on the front of Jax's vest, along with other text makes the figure look incredibly realistic.
Jax's face is a study in tempered anger.  His blond hair is combed straight back while his blond eyebrows and slightly pointed blond beard give his scowling face and almost devilish look.
Check out his the piercing look of his eyes made even more so by the clever 'moist' accent.  I really like the layered look the cloths have and the paint and color application is spot on with no ragged edges, clean crisp details and a careful attention to application.
The sculpting work is perfect capturing the look and feel of the actual character.  The face and hands are especially impressive.
Jax comes in a clear front panel display box dressed up with the Sons Of Anarchy logo and pictures of Jax and the other series characters on its side and back.
The 6-inch Opie figure, although smaller, is equally impressive.  Facial, body and accessory sculpting is top rate with lots of attention given to the stance and composure of the articulated figure. 
Opie has long dark hair and a beard.  He comes dressed entirely in black: jacket, shirt, vest, pants, boots and each piece of clothing looks realistic with its folds and wrinkles.
He too has writing on his jacket.  Other details include his under vest's silver zipper, silver belt buckle, long silver chain hanging from his right side and the long knife, included with the figure, which can be clutched in either hand.
Opie's face is well defined, yet stern, with his combed back hair accented his receding hairline, sharp features and deep set eyes.
The figure comes in a clear bubble pack decorated with the show's logo and photos of the other figures in the series on the back.
Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Beauty and the Beast) stars as Clay in the series and Mezco has recreated hs figure in Booblehead form.
Although the figure features an oversize head and small figure there is no mistaking Ron Perlman's face. Long and narrow, his gray beard short cropped gray hair and deep scowl are easily identifiable. 
He stands with legs apart and with his hands in his pockets.  Tattoos are visible as is his watch and silver chain.  His attire consists of dark jeans, t-shirt, vest and heavy black work boots. 
Packaging is a small study box with clear front panel decorated with logo and photos.
The Breaking Bad 12-inch Heisenberg partially articulated figure has every bit of detail as the large Jax Teller figure.
Packaging is similar and like the Jax figure the Heisenberg figure is securely fastened into place with plastic tie cords and snuggly nestled in a form fitting clear plastic cocoon.
Clothing details are impressive with his black jacket with silver zipper, maroon shirt with white buttons, black pants with black belt and silver buckle, white t-shirt and black shoes.
His trademark black hat and sunglasses are also included.
Realistic clothing folds, wrinkles and body conforming wraparounds are the rule of the day with the clothing.
Heisenberg's bald head with his reddish brown eyebrows and goatee make his pale face almost glow showing off partially closed eyes.
Look how gaunt and stressed the figure's face is.  You can almost feel the inner tension.
Sculpting is tight and realistic with no rough edges of flashing of any kind.  Color application is smooth, clean and very accurate.
The Jesse Pinkman 6-inch, articulated figure comes with a gas mask tray and chili pepper-all very accurate and perfectly in scale.
Jesse is dressed in a full body yellow jump suit with full torso white zipper. His white t-shirt shows at the neck.  He wears black and white tennis shoes.
His short hair accents his pale skin tone, high forehead and chiseled brow and down swept eyes.  Facial and body details capture the look of the real Jesse, right down to his thin lips and small ears.
Packaging is similar to the Opie figure.
Saul Goodman's figure is more flamboyant with his flashing turquoise shirt and yellow tie and black suit coat and pants, black belt with silver buckle and yellow handkerchief in his suit coat's pocket.
A 'Better Call Saul' business card is included.
Saul stands with arms raised and right hand pointing as if making a sale.  Like Jesse his features capture the look of the real character with his receding hairline, sideburns and narrow face and determined look.
Clothing and color detail is perfect with nice little details.  Like all of the figures mentioned the sculpting is extremely well done as is the entire figure presentation.