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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The World According To The Joker

For totally twisted and irreverent take on life be sure to check out Insight Editions new book: The World According To The Joker, by Matthew Manning, Joel Gomez and Beth Sotello.
Packed with amazing special features (notes, playbill, a Joker playing card, recipe, The Wheel of Dead Robins and much more) the books follows the 'colorful' career of the Clown Prince of Crime, starting with a foreword from the Joker himself.

Pages are packed with full-color illustrations and delve into his costume design, transportation, weapons, telling jokes, his relationship with Batman, his hideouts, lackeys, pets, friends and fellow criminals, a fun page, a Joker mirror, and other madness.

This book is no 'joke'. It's a grisly guide to the homicidal jester and his bizarre take on the world.  If you miss it, the joke's on you!