Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wackit Ball

Whew!  Talk about a workout!
I just tried out a new product that is sure to be a big hit with sports enthusiasts and physical fitness fanatics.
It's called Wackit Ball and I guarantee after playing it for a few minutes you're muscles will get a serious workout.
It's an excellent activity to get the old blood flowing, muscles pumping and eye-hand coordination honed.
It's simplicity itself.  Here's how it works.  First, find two trees, poles, etc, several feet apart.  Attach the Wackit cable securely to both locations, The Wackit Ball slides easily down the cable.
Set up should be waist high.  Wackit is made for one to four players.
Using the Wackit racket(s) the players hit the ball causing it to slide down the cable.  To win a player(s) must get the ball past their opponent six times or cause it to stop on the opposite player's(s) side of the mid-point.  A set is played best of seven games.
Players can use one or two rackets.  Talk about fast and furious!  A modified baseball bat allows players to play baseball.  A single player can test their own speed and skill by hitting the ball which can be set up to return using the Wackit spring.
Regardless if you play singles, doubles, a foursome or baseball, Wackit is fast, fun and great exercise! Strong, durable and easy to set up in minutes, Wackit packs a punch!