Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Justice League: Gods and Monsters

Wow!  I didn't see that coming!

When I first heard that Warner Bros. was producing a new original animated Justice League movie more on the dark side I wasn't sure what to expect.

Like most comic book fans I've seen the trailers on You Tube and other related sites about the original animated movie.  Superman actually the offspring of General Zod!?  Batman a vampire!?  Wonder Woman the daughter of the High Father and the wife of Orion!?

Say it ain't so!  Surely messing with the dynamics of the Justice League would be treading on sacred ground?  It would never work.

Boy, was I wrong!

Justice League: Gods and Monsters is a triumph of alternate reality.  The story is as original as it gets and the animation and character designs-the whole production is topnotch.

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are Earth's protectors.  Some people believe they are a huge threat.  When scientists associated with a covert government program are mysteriously killed all clues and evidence point to the Justice League.

When the facts slowly come together the Justice League fights for their own survival and that of the people of Earth.  Good guys are bad guys,  Bad guys are good guys and when it is finally revealed who the mastermind behind the whole conspiracy is-well, let me put it this way-I never saw it coming.

For a different kind of Justice League you have to check out this new Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Combo from Warner Bros.  Extras include featurettes, two bonus cartoons and some vintage spots that are sure to please.