Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rossi, Bertail and De Felici

In late June, 2015 Comix Buro added three new artists to its Sketchbook series.
If you've had the opportunity to see Comix Buro's Sketchbooks you know that to be selected to contribute to the series is a huge honor.
The Sketchbook series features some of the finest illustration examples seen in Europe (and in my opinion the U.S.A.).
The Christian Rossi Sketchbook highlights the artist's brush, ink and coloring skills.  Take a moment to appreciate the incredible face, figure and scenic illustrations.  From animals to vast vistas Christian Rossi is a true master of pen, ink, paint and design.
Just as impressive is the work of Dominique Bertail. 
Slightly slicker in execution than Rossi's work, Bertail  is an amazing designer and illustrator as evident by his sweeping vistas and landscape studies. For sheer detail you can't go wrong with Bertail's Western scenes and portraits.
Lorenzo De Felici has a bold cartoon style as seen in his funny creatures and humans or more realistic renderings. I am especially impressed with his superhero and fantasy illustrations that are steeped in shadow and brilliantly highlighted in light.