Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Dining And Social Club For Time Travelers Book One: Divine Intervention

I predict that author Elyse Kishimoto's and artist Doug Feaver's new book: The Dining And Social Club For Time Travelers Book One: Divine Intervention is set to become the next big book series for pre-teens and teens.
Published by Green Jelly Bean Press out of Toronto, Canada, the first book makes for a brilliant introduction to the new series.
The book centers on young orphan Louisa Sparks whose parents are killed in a tragic accident, so she moves in with her lovable grandfather.
As much as she loves her grandfather and where she lives she must make the difficult decision to move to Paris, France in order to complete her education.
Her grandfather makes arrangements for her to stay with her quirky, eccentric and demanding cousin who lives in a mansion served by his unusual staff.
On her way there Louisa happens to put her hand in the old jacket her grandfather gave her to wear that he owned as a young boy.
She finds what looks like a pocket watch which is festooned with many dials, symbols and numbers. As she's holding it she suddenly finds herself traveling through time and space to a most unusual place.
After a mere three minutes she pops back into existence on the train she's traveling on.  None of the other passengers noticed her disappearance, except a ragamuffin stowaway.
Later she finds herself part of even stranger adventures and invited to join The Dining And Social Club For Time Travelers.
What a delightful story!  I can just see the series translated to the Silver Screen.  And why not?  The book contains odd and memorable characters (especially the villain of the piece), strange locations, unusual paraphernalia and gadgets and bizarre and mind boggling sensory and stimulating visual vistas.

I guarantee that young people (and adults) will love reading this first book in what promises to be a fun-filled roller coaster of a ride to places no one has ventured before.