Thursday, July 30, 2015

The World According To Thor

What do you get when you combine lightning, thunder, Norse gods, a hammer, nether creatures and tons of special features?
That's easy!  The new book: The World According To Thor from Insight Editions and artist Freddie E. Williams III and writer Marc Sumerak, of course!
From its dazzling cover of the Mighty Thor swinging his enchanted hammer to the enclosed poster, this book has it all!
Learn all about Thor's origin, his family tree, Asgard, his father Odin and adopted brother Loki, his extended family, his friends and foes, his battles and victories, and so much more in this jam-packed book of all things Thor.
Included are a fold out Mjolnir hammer, character stickers, a fold-out of Asgard, a love letter, Loki's mischief notes, a pop-out Thor frog and a Daily Bugle front page along with page after page of artwork, informative text and so much more!  "Have at thee!"