Friday, July 10, 2015

Waterloo and World Of Tanks

Measuring in at 1/72 Scale Italeri's British Artillery and British and Prussian General Staff Waterloo figure collection model kits are as historically genuine as they come.

The British Artillery Set consist of 16 soldiers and four cannon.  All parts are securely fastened to two part trees and easily detach with minimal or zero flashing. 

Each piece is finely sculpted and accurate in detail.  Quite a feat considering how small the figures and cannon are.  Assembly is easy and with the paint guides on the back of the model box paint application is a snap.

The British and Prussian General Staff is similar to the British Artillery Set but it consists of two part trees with 16 horses and 18 figures.  All are historically correct in their details and are easy to assemble and paint.

From the online video game phenomenon: World Of Tanks Roil Out comes Italeri's M24 Chaffee Tank model.

Parts come on four part trees (not including treads and chassis).  Parts fit snuggly together, are easy to assemble and with a little paint and the included decals you'll have a miniature motorized weapon before you know it!

Beautifully sculpted with special attention given to details the M24 Chaffee Tank model also comes with Historical References and In-Game Tips, three Invite Codes and a Bonus Code.
Fuel up, load up and hit the road!