Friday, August 7, 2015

Criminal Minds Season 10

It says a lot about the quality of a TV series when it remains on the air for 10+ years and still keeps viewers clued to their seats.

My wife is a HUGE fan of Criminal Minds and watches the show faithfully-even the repeats on our local classic TV station.

The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit picks out the most horrendous criminal cases and searches and extracts every clue as to the motive and mode of operations of the nation’s most sadistic and brilliant criminals.

From serial killers to cold-blooded, sadistic masterminds the BAU leaves no stone unturned as its members attempt to bring criminals to justice.

Season 10 saw the addition of Jennifer Love Hewitt to the stellar cast.

DVD extras include the top 10 episodes of Season 10, a special salute, an origin story, greatest hits, a director interview, a special look and listen to the series’ music and episode commentaries-all courtesy of CBS/Paramount.