Monday, August 10, 2015

Four Doctors Doctor Who #1

Ouch!  My brain hurts!  As if watching or reading about Doctor Who's adventures isn't taxing on my mind enough when it's just one Doctor.

But, throw four Doctors into the mix and it's time for some serious headache medicine!

In Titan Comics' Four Doctors Doctor Who #1 the fist part of a weekly Doctor Who event starts.
It seem that the latest Doctor's traveling companion, Clara Oswald, has been doing a little sleuthing under the Doctor's nose without him knowing about it.

While on one of their 'outings' Clara happens upon 'The Museum Of Terrible Fates'.  Investigating, she asks about the Doctor and The Museum responds-urgently!

It seems that somehow four Doctors will meet resulting in the end of time and existence.  Using the information she obtained for The Museum, Clara takes the Tardis and arrives at a cafe in Paris where two of the other Doctors and their companions will meet. 

She arrives early to warn the companions only to have their Doctors and her Doctor all arrive.
Time paradox! And who shows up when a time paradox occurs?  The Reapers of course!  And that's just the first issue!

For some delightful time travel paradoxes and a Doctor dilemma don't miss this event from the creative team of Paul Cornell and Neil Edwards.  Great story and art-who could ask for more?