Friday, August 28, 2015

Gotham The Complete First Season

Ask any ordinary man, woman, boy or girl on the street about the origin of Batman and most can tell you.  His rich, socialite parents were killed by an armed robber one night in a back alley of Gotham City.  Vowing to fight crime and stop such a tragic event from ever happening again to others young Bruce Wayne takes on the mantle of the Batman to fight crime.

In the TV and movie world nothing much is said about Bruce Wayne's early life from just after his parents are killed until he became the Batman.   Time seems to skip from his parent's death to his becoming the Batman.

Exactly what happened during those intervening years?  How did a young boy transform into the Dark Knight?  What was it like growing up an orphan, albeit a rich one?  How did Bruce's butler, Alfred, fit into the picture? 

How did the close relationship between Batman and Police Commissioner Jim Gordon start?  How did the police deal with crime before the Batman appeared?

Most importantly where did all the super villains come from?  What made them? Who made them?  How did Gotham City become so corrupt and dangerous?

Those are just a few of the questions that begin to be answered in the First Season of the Gotham TV series.
Warner Bros. presents Gotham The Complete First Season Blu-ray/Digital HD collection. 
Viewers witness the beginning of the Batman saga, Catwoman's genesis, the Penguin's rise to power, the formation of a criminal organization in Gotham, Bruce's early attempts to help the city rebuild, Jim Gordon's early turbulent career and an introduction to Detective Harvey Bullock.

It's all there and much more in this thrilling new episode collection that brings to light more of the Dark Knight's past.  It's dark, it's atmospheric and it's must-see entertainment.

Extras include featurettes about Gotham City, its villains and police along with character profiles.  Look for deleted scenes, a special Comic-Con presentation and a gag reel.