Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Griffin, Anti Tank and GMC

Italeri travels back to WWII and hits the road "Good Buddy" in a semi.

WWII buffs are sure to love the two new WWII figure and vehicle kits Italeri just released: Anti Tank Teams and M3 75mm GMC.

Comprised of 12 unpainted figures in all, the Anti Tank Team of figures include Russian Infantry, German Infantry, English Paratroopers and U.S. Paratroopers.

At 1:72 Scale it's surprising how much detail Italeri craftsmen manage to sculpt each figure.  Follow the simple color guides and before you know it you have accurate looking miniature figures that are perfect for military dioramas.

Speaking of dioramas. The two model 1:72 Scale M3 75mm Gun Motor Carriages looks as authentic as they come and make for great battle field dioramas.

Made of 15 parts each, the models assemble easily and with a little paint and decals you can modify them to look like two of four different U.S. and British vehicles.

'"Breaker, breaker, good buddy!  Smokey is hot on my tail and I've got a load I need to delivered pronto.  Ten four!"

Talk about trucking in style!  The Silver Griffin Scania R730 V8 Streamline semi brings a whole new meaning to driving in style.

Take a look.

Its square driver's cabin is all chrome and silver.  Five overhead lights perch on top of its cab.  Twin high beam and low beam lights decorate its front six vent grill along with dual turning signals, side trim lights, side reflectors and a smooth chassis blended bumper.

Twin lights highlight the large flat windshield featuring seamless side windows.

Large griffin symbols decorate both sides and with its massive rear cab extension the wind fairly whips around the truck cutting down on drag.

Streamline is the perfect description of the R730 with its uni-body wraparound cowling, front engine access and flat panel side panels that flow effortlessly over its massive wheels and tires.

Feeling a little rambunctious?  Sooth the beast with an alternate paint and decal scheme featuring a hawk raking its claws across the sides of the red semi-truck.

Whatever version you choose it's a breeze to put this 1:24 Scale beast together following the comprehensive assembly, decal and painting instructions.

Parts fit tightly together with near zero flashing.  Decals are no fuss and painting is no mess when you follow Italeri's instructions.  Interior and exterior details are right on the money.
"Keep on truckin'!"