Monday, August 17, 2015

Legion Of Doom and Monster Mayhem

Warner Bros./DC Comics presents two new original animated movies starring DC Comics' famous superheroes:   Batman and the Justice League.

Fans of LEGO are sure to get a kick out of the new LEGO/DC Comics' Justice League Attack Of The Legion Of Doom.

Trouble is brewing when Lex Luthor, fed up with Superman and his fellow superheroes, decides to form his own super team: The Legion Of Doom.

Lex, along with Black Manta, Sinestro and other bad guys join forces to attack Area 52.  What are their plans and what do they expect to find?  Could it spell danger for the Justice League and the world?

Discover what happens when superheroes take on super villains in a no-holds barred slugfest courtesy of DC Comics and LEGO.

Look for plenty of fisticuffs and fun as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the other members of the Justice League meet their match.  Blur-ray/DVD/Digital HD extras include creating the sound design for the movie.

For a slightly more serious and sinister note be sure to pick up a copy of the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD original movie starring Batman as he takes on the Joker and his sinister supernatural criminals during Halloween.

In Batman Unlimited Monster Mayhem, Batman, Green Arrow, Red Robin, Nightwing and Cyborg fight the clock as the try to stop the Joker from infecting Gotham City's technology with his digital laughter.

But, with Scarecrow, Solomon Grundy, Clayface and Silver Banshee on his side can the Joker's plot be foiled?

The Caped Crusader and the Clown Prince of Crime face off in a classic battle of wits and witticisms in Monster Mayhem.

Extras include two new featurettes and a classic cartoon from DC Comics Vault.

Count on Warner Bros. animation to produce the best of the best DC animated features with great art, solid stories, perfect voice talent and stunning musical scores and sound effects.