Thursday, August 27, 2015


Rev it, gas it, pedal to the metal and hit the road with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as they go mobile in a brand new set of miniature vehicles.

Get ready for talking Mikey as he roars down the speedway in his custom Extreme Monster Truck!

Perched atop his chrome wheel, solid black with gold trim beast of a truck, Mikey revs up the oversize exposed engine, blasts out flames from the eight exhaust pipes and listens to the engine roar as the truck speeds down the fairway.

Push a button and various sounds come from the miniature mean machine.  Push it again and Mikey speaks.  Hit the road!

Leo flies down the roadway in his customized turtle shell Stealth Bike complete with oversize chassis, three wheels and just enough room so Leo can swing his swords.  Trimmed in chrome and blue this Stealth Bike is anything but sneaky.

Mikey hops in his Hot Rod with its metallic orange wheels, Woody body, eight exhaust pipes trimmed in chrome, chrome grill, fire engine red engine and aqua cab. 

These babies are meant for speed. They may be small in scale but big on playability!  All are made of tough, durable plastic and metal and roll easily for long and high powered races.  Give 'em some gas and watch 'em go!

The Garage & Lair play set from Playmates Toys offers two levels of play.  Check out he street level lift, lain gate and lair and the sewer tunnel on the first level.  The second level includes a surface street, a garage door activation device. a street store cutout for realism and don't forget the Raph in a T-Rawket.

Bright, bold and built for play the T-Machines Garage & Lair is painted and decaled to match something you'd see from a TMNT movie or carton show.  It's two levels of playing pleasure!  It's time to explore the Turtles world!