Wednesday, September 30, 2015

San Andreas

It had to happen.  Scientists have predicted it for years.  The giant earth fault line running almost the entire length of California has finally shifted.  The results?  An earthquake and widespread destruction like no one has ever witnessed before.

Dwayne Johnson stars as a rescue helicopter pilot who along with his estranged wife,  attempt to save their daughter as their world (literally) collapses around them.
Hang onto your hat (and everything else) as you witness the greatest natural catastrophe of all time destroys everything in its path.  Thousands die as the ground literally falls out from underneath them.

Featuring spectacular action, stunts, visual and practical special effects and a non-stop storyline that never lets up, San Andreas delivers on all fronts.

The new Warner Bros. Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Combo includes the hold-your-breath movie that never lets up.  Also included are lots of extras: deleted scenes, an examination of the real San Andreas fault line, Dwayne Johnson coming to the rescue, commentaries, stunts, a gag reel, music score and much more.

Where will you be when disaster strikes?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Forbidden Places Volume 3

There are some scary places in the world-most of them manmade.  All of them are abandoned and decaying and filled with shadows of the past-some good-some bad.

What is it abut old creepy places that attract us?  Is it the thrill of being scared?  Is it the longing to experience life in the past?  No one knows for sure but one thing that is true-forbidden places call our names and we answer.

In Sylvain Margaine's and David Margaine's new book (the third in a series) published by JonGlez, scary and haunting get bumped up a notch as disturbing photos, accompanied by informative text, leads readers through abandoned properties all around the world.

Prepare yourself for old churches where religious statues are covered in sheets sitting among pews, a Marine graveyard where ships are still armed and look as if prepared for war, hospitals where physical and mentally ill patients seem to haunt the hallways amidst derelict medical, equipment, files, furniture and even vials of human internal organs and prisons are left to guard empty halls.

A huge mine stands derelict, a metro system serves ghost trains, a paper mill's machinery turns out only dust, a power plant generates decay and other decrepit and dilapidated buildings house only the shadows of yesteryear.

It's a journey that both repels and attracts but always fascinates.  Be sure to pick up a copy of Forbidden Places Exploring Our Abandoned Heritage Volume 3. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Tales and Sacrificed

Get ready for some certified lunacy as Sherman's Lagoon and Pearls Before Swine offer their latest collections courtesy of Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Tales From That Deep That Are Completely Fabricated! is the latest and looniest of the Sherman's Lagoon's collection.

Writer and artist Jim Toomey takes Sherman the shark and his cast of underwater, wet-behind-the-ears aquatic buddies out of this world-literally.

See what happens when Sherman and his fishy friend wind up on Europa, a moon of Jupiter, courtesy of a flying saucer and did you ever see a shark play golf?  Me neither, but Sherman gives it a swing.

What happens when a fish decides to eradicate Killer Whales?  Have you ever seen a Shark Cam?

That's just a few of the lunacies in this new collection.  I guarantee you'll be knee-deep in H2O hilarity.

Speaking of lunacy.  Pearls Gets Sacrificed the newest Pearls Before Swine collection. from writer artist Stephan Pastic. demonstrates just how much animals are like humans-at least as far as the cast of Pearls Before Swine goes.

As a former lawyer Pastis has a 'unique' take on humanity as reflected in his animals' hi-jinx.
Where else can you witness a crocodile spelling bee or a Gandhi getting physical or lemmings refusing to leap?  An you thought humans were crazy!

Enjoy even more animal antics in the latest and greatest Pearls Before Swine collection.  Special stickers are also included.

Both paperbacks reprint daily and Sunday comic strips in all of their whacked out weirdness.

The Humbug Murder

Pocket Books invites you to join author(s) L.J. Oliver (the combined talents of Scott Ciencin and E.W.A. Wilson) as they present the first in a new series of murder mystery books: The Humbug Murders.

Infamous tightwad Ebenezer Scrooge has placed an advertisement for a secretary/office administrator.  He is slightly put off when a young woman: Adelaide, applies for the job.

Notoriously old-fashioned (the story takes place in 19th Century London) Scrooge is taken back by the young woman's insistence she is qualified for the job.

But, when the ghost of his former employer, Fezziwig, appears to both he and Adelaide, telling him of his recent murder and warning him that three more will die, including Ebenezer, Scrooge and Adelaide suddenly find themselves knee-deep in a murder mystery.

Under suspicion for Fezziwig's murder, Scrooge, with assistance of Adelaide, must clear his name and stop an insidious plot to devastate London and England.  Follow their quest as they ply the back alleys and dark corners of London amidst some of the most notorious riff-raff imaginable.

Filled with historical and literary figures (such as author Charles Dickens, the artful Dodger and other Victorian figures of fame) the book successfully sheds new light and insights on the early life of Ebenezer Scrooge and his acquaintances.

I was caught up in the story immediately and I can't wait to read more in the new series.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Drag Nut, Roadster, Speedwagon and Pickup

Are you ready for some four-wheel action?  It's time to rev your engines, put the pedal to the metal and hit the road as Revell offers three custom cars and a truck for your model-making pleasure.

Here's the best part-you don't even need a driver's license!  Three models are made for 10 years and up and one is for 12 years and up. 

All you need are some glue, paint and patience and before you know it you'll have your very own rubber that meets the road, plenty of horse power and the freedom to take you wherever you imagination lets you.

Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth has always been know for his 'way-out' four wheel wonders and the Drag Nut is no exception.  Decked out with loads of chrome, huge rear tires, a crazy helmeted driver and you've got a combination that sure to make any dragster take a second look.

Fashioned after Roth's imaginative drawing the Drag Nut is one customized dragster that's long on horsepower and short on patience.  Watch out!   This baby is ready to burn some serious rubber!

Revell's Special Edition '29 Model A Roadster 2 'n 1 model kit offers model makers two vehicles for the price of one.  Blue or orange, customized wheels and rims, powerful V8s and 1950s nostalgia combine to make this 1:25 Scale model kit a sure hit.

With their twin seats, exposed engines, huge exhaust pipes, extended chrome bumpers and fully detail under-chassis and precisely detailed interior these twin speed demons give you plenty of power for your pesos.

Soak up the details, take in the custom trim and paint jobs and relive the past in style.  Like all Revell's model kits parts detach easily from part trees, instructions guarantee perfect glue, paint and decal application and once completed each model will be a point of pride of any model makers' collection.

California Wheels has a new addition with its Dan Fink Metalworks Speedwagon. This customized, four-seater sedan looks like a melding of a truck and a car. 

Custom designed and manufactured the Speedwagon consists of parts both cannibalized and custom-fitted to make a one-of-a-kind vehicle with wooden rear panels, narrow front, side and rear windows, a customized engine block and accessories, a unique interior and twin side panel/fenders that wrap up and over each wheel well.

Custom chrome wheels, trim, lights, grill and body accents and an extended front engine compartment gives this vehicle its unique and 'I gotta have it' profile.

For the more practical minded comes the TRUCKS Ford Ranger Pickup with its squared-off body style, heavy chassis, utilitarian chrome trim, grill, wheels and fenders and mirrors and no-nonsense interior and seats.

This truck is all business and its business is made for hauling and heavy work.

This ain't no frilly pickup, this is a man's truck and it has the payload and horsepower to prove it!

Take one look at its powerful no-frills engine, heavy frame construction, impressive under carriage and sturdy rear bed and you can understand why Ford trucks are 'Built Ford Tough!'

Country Roads

Ever since I visited my Aunt's farm in Kentucky as a child I've been fascinated by country roads.

It was a good mile or so to the nearest little town from my Aunt's home and each day I would wander down a dusty country road, past the corn and tobacco fields, the migrate workers' hutches and meager farms to the small town and its half a dozen shops.

There was something wondrous about that short walk.  The smell of lilacs in the air, the sounds of birds and cattle, the gurgle of water from the small creek that paralleled the road and the occasional cheerful greeting from nearby neighbors as I walked past their farms.

As I grew older I often walked the country roads around my own small town in Milford, Michigan.  Several of my friends lived in the country: one to the south of town, the other to the east.   

Sometimes I would walk to their homes alone or with my friend who also lived in town not far from me.

When I entered college I hitch-hiked or walked to school, first in Milford and later in Homestead, Florida to Miami, Florida.

I love to walk-especially on my own.  I take in the sights and relish the quiet solitude.

Even now as I approach the final years of my life I still walk, often down small street and roads, more often than not down country roads and soak up the sheer joy of what's around me.

My wife and I occasional go on trips and without fail I consistently go for walks, sometimes alone or with my wife.  Since most of my wife's relatives live in rural Tennessee, walks down county roads are a must.

Country roads promise so much: adventure around the next bend, new vistas just up over the hill, new people to meet, small hidden away stores and shops, cool breezes, warm sunlight, surprise rain showers and a glimpse of what I believe Heaven may look like.

Sometimes I think about the day I'll die and wake up in Heaven.  I picture myself standing on a country road, sunlight streaming though lush trees, plants all around and a pleasant breeze blowing on my face.

Up ahead is my final destination where I will be with my Lord and where I will get to see my loved ones who have gone on before.

Country roads offer me the opportunity to ponder what my life is really all about and to be thankful for all God has done for me and my family and friends.

Call me sentimental and soft-hearted.  That's OK.  I invite you to take the time to find your own country road, meander past trees, houses and creeks and take in life and what makes it worth living. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction #721, September/October

The Lord of Ragnarök–Albert E. Cowdrey
We're So Very Sorry For Your Recent Tragic Loss – Nick Wolven
Monsieur– David Gerrold
The Adventure of the Clockwork Men – Ron Goulart
Rascal Saturday – Richard Bowes
Ten Stamps Viewed Under Water– Marissa Lingen
A Hot Day's Night– Paolo Bacigalupi
A House of Her Own – Bo Balder
Don't Move– Dennis Etchison
The Bone War– Elizabeth Bear
Energy Matters– Sophie White
Books to Look For– Charles de Lint
Books– Chris Moriarty
Films: Sex Machina –David J. Skal
Coming Attractions         
Curiosities--Phoenix Alexander
Arthur Masear, Danny Shanahan
Cory and Catska Ench For "The Lord of Ragnarök"

LEGO Star Wars The New Yoda Chronicles

Disney presents four new computer animated episodes on its LEGO Star Wars The New Yoda Chronicles DVD collection which also includes a special alternate ending for the last episode.

Get ready for Star Wars as only LEGO can present it!  Lots of wit, humor and visual gags abound as the Rebellion and Empire face off. 

Somehow the good guys manage to evade Palpatine's clutches, no thanks to Luke.

Yoda and the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi continue Luke's Jedi training using the unearthed Holocrons.  One problem, Darth Vader wants the Holocrons too.

Episodes see Darth Vader trying out his new legs, Luke runs into (literally) the Emperor, the ban on Droids in the Mos Eisley bar is lifted courtesy of Darth Vader and Luke, Leia, Chewy and Han outrun an AT-AT

That's just a few of the dangerous (and sometimes hilarious) situations the LEGO versions of everyone's favorite Star Wars heroes and villains take part in.  May the Farce (Uh, Force) be with you.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Previews, October

Archie Collector’s Edition l ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS
War Stories Volume 3 TP l AVATAR PRESS INC
Snow Blind #1 l BOOM! STUDIOS
Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Dragons #1 l BOOM! STUDIOS
Seduction of the Innocent #1 l D. E./DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT
The Auteur Volume 2: Sister Bambi TP l ONI PRESS INC.
Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Year 2 #1 l TITAN COMICS
Street Fighter Unlimited #1 l UDON ENTERTAINMENT INC
The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage: Second Lives #1 l VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT LLC
Yowamushi Pedal Volume 1 GN l YEN PRESS

The Art of Ploog HC l ART BOOKS
The Drawings of Bob Peak SC l ART BOOKS
DC Superhero Best Of Figurine Collection #3: Wonder Woman l EAGLEMOSS
DC Superhero Best Of Figurine Collection #4: The Joker l EAGLEMOSS
Marvel Fact Files Cosmic Special #3: Thanos l EAGLEMOSS
Star Trek Starships Collection Set #1: Enterprise C/D/E l EAGLEMOSS
Star Trek Starships Collection Special #6: ISS Enterprise l EAGLEMOSS
Star Wars Insider #162 l STAR WARS
Marvel’ Agents of SHIELD Season Two Trading Cards l RITTENHOUSE ARCHIVES
Topps 2015 Doctor Who Trading Cards l TOPPS COMPANY
Deadpool: “Peace, Love, and Chimichangas” Charcoal T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR
Spider-Gwen: “Moon Lit” Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR
TMNT: Eastman & Laird Faces White T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR
Evolve: “Footprint” Black T-Shirt l PREVIEWS EXCLUSIVE WEAR
The Flash: Running T-Shirt l GRAPHITTI DESIGNS
POP! Star Wars: The Force Awakens Vinyl Figures l STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS
Topps 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ser. 1 Trading Cards l STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS
Aliens Vs. Colonial Marine Army Builder l ALIENS VS PREDATOR
The Legend Of Korra: Chief Beifong PVC Statue Regular Edition l AVATAR
1966 Batman TV Series 3-Pack l BATMAN
1966 Batman TV Series: Batmobile l BATMAN
1966 Batman TV Series: To The Batcave l BATMAN
Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Stat Bookend l BATMAN
POP! Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Dancing Groot Vinyl Figure l FUNKO
POP! Sherlock Vinyl Figures l FUNKO
Shogun Boba Fett Empire Version Action Figure l FUNKO
One:12 Collection: Judge Dredd With Bike Box Set l JUDGE DREDD
Kid Robot X Looney Tunes Mini-Figures l LOONEY TUNES
Sherlock 5-Inch Action Figure l SHERLOCK
Voltron Altimite Deluxe Transforming SC Figure l VOLTRON
Marvel Comics: Black Panther Fine Art Statue l KOTOBUKIYA
Dragonball Z: Buu Dimension of Dragonball Figure l DRAGONBALL Z
Dragonball Z Sculture Big Budokai: Golden Frieza Figure l DRAGONBALL Z
Bruce Lee S.H.Figuarts Figure l TREASURES OF AKIHABARA
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Triwizard Cup Harry Figure l HARRY POTTER
Marvel Universe Variant Play Arts Kai: Black Widow Figure l MARVEL HEROES
Marvel Universe Variant Play Arts Kai: Captain America Figure l MARVEL HEROES
Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D: Link Nendoroid l NINTENDO
Shaquille O’Neal HD Real Masterpiece Figure l SPORTS
Movie Realization Star Wars: Meisho Boba Fett Figure l STAR WARS
DC Bombshells Mighty Wallets l DC HEROES
Toon Tumblers DC Bombshells Mini Glasses l DC HEROES
Star Wars X-Wing: Ghost Expansion Pack l FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC
Star Wars X-Wing: Imperial Assault Carrier Expansion Pack l FANTASY FLIGHT PUBLISHING INC

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Grandpa Simpson's Guide To Aging

Straight from the Vault Of Simpsonology, courtesy of Insight Editions, comes Grandpa Simpson's Guide To Aging.

I'm 62 and after looking at this book I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

The book is funny.  What's distressing is that so much of it's true. 

Grandpa Simpson gives some sage advice about aging and some insights on what it means to be old in today's rush and hurry world.

First, you have to yourself the question, "Am I old?"  If you rack up too many points you might as well consider yourself prime coffin packaging. 

So why not list the things to do before I die?

A sure sign of aging are ailments and determining which is better being young or old.
True age means you're out of touch with today's youth, mainly how they speak.  Bart Simpson offers some t-shirts for the old and the Comic Book Guy showcases some comic books for old people.

Social Media for senior citizens has its own language and symbols, good motivational posters for the elderly keeps the blood flowing and a virtual tour of Grandpa Simpson's brain gives a good indication as to what your own brain will may go through when its old.

The senior citizen super team, The Dependables, take on some young whipper snappers and discover what kind of old you are.

Learn all about the do's and don't of dating for the elderly, what gifts are best for old folks around the house and build you very own elderly ensemble.

If you're old or soon will be old (don't fret, it happens to all of us) then this is the book for you.  Now where are my reading glasses?  What were we talking about?  Where am I?  Who are you? 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Thwack and Heroes & Villains

Family Games America FGA Inc. knows what it takes to make great games and puzzles.

There is nothing more satisfying than to play a game that takes brains and strategy to win and a puzzle that challenges your imagination and intuition.

Heroes & Villains Trivia Game is one of five games available through FGA's A Matter Of Fact trivia set of games.

A single small deck of red face cards challenges gamers to solve what comic book villain or heroe is referred to on the white side of the cards.

How difficult are the answers?  Here's a clue: I've been a comic book collector for over 50 years and I still had difficulty answering all of the questions.

The single deck is packaged in a small steel box with instructions on the back for a single player.

Eight puzzles make up FGA's Kapowie Puzzles.

The Thwack puzzle dares puzzle players to release a prized metal ring from its metal entrapment.  Sound easy?  Don't bet on it! 

The solution is included but challenge yourself and try to figure it out.  Talk about a brain teaser!
Thwack is packaged in a metal box with a single clear plastic window at the bottom of the box. 

Both puzzle and game are real challenges, cleverly packaged and make for great fun for your brain.

It's time to put away your video game and mediocre puzzles and take it up a notch with Family Games America FGA Inc.  

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Essential Horror Movies

What is it about horror movies that both repulses and attracts movie goers?  Why, as a species, do we human love to be scared?  Is it the thrill, the adrenaline rush or the fascination with death and dying?

Whatever the reasons, horror movies feed some primordial need and satisfies our inner urge to be scared.

Universe Publishing and author Michael Mallory examines this strange phenomenon of fear fetish in their new book: Essential Horror Movies.

Horror films have been around ever since film was first invented.  Silent films produced some of the most horrendous horror films of their time. 

When sound and then color were introduced films even got scarier. There was something about hearing and seeing in living color the horrific and blood-chilling monsters, demons, psychopaths and demented killers performing their dastardly deeds that thrilled audiences.
The book examines classic horror films, both domestic and foreign, which has cemented themselves into horror film history.

Only the best of the worse horror films are examined, analyzed and discussed, although other films of similar genres are acknowledged.

From monsters to the demonic to the future of horror films are expounded upon, complete with black and white photos and art.

If you love horror films this is the book for you.  So, turn out the lights, steel your nerves and get ready to witness the Essential Horror Movies.

The Art Of Pan

“Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning. ”  Those familiar with classic children stories will recognize that quote as coming from author J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan book.

Peter Pan as written by Barrie contains well-known characters and scenarios.  But, what if the conventional Peter Pan story was interpreted and visualized from a completely fresh perspective?

That's what director Joe Wright has done with his spectacular new movie 'Pan' starring, among others, Hugh Jackman.

Writer Christopher Grove and Insight Editions presents the hardbound book: The Art Of Pan.
Absolutely resplendent with its hardbound cover featuring a Neverland full-color illustration that is spot-varnished, the interior is just as impressive with its interior pages printed as if to duplicate parchment paper, with border flourishes, showcasing full-color photos and illustrations from the film.

Wright's unique take on Pan is well represented with the book's examination of character designs, costumes, weapons, exotic locations, behind-the-scenes photographs, production and pre-production art, special visual effects, choreography, creature and character designs and practical effects.

Commentaries, production insights and exhaustive expository text bring each scene and illustrations to life.  It is truly a Neverland about the magic of movie making.

Monument Men and U.S. Calvary

We've all seen it.  Either in person or in pictures.  It's an impressive American icon commemorating our greatest presidents.  It's Mount Rushmore that commemorates the lives of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson with carved stone faces.

But how did it come about?  Why those particular presidents and why was it carved out of a solid mountain cliff in the Black Hills of South Dakota?

Mill Creek Entertainment presents: Monument Men The Road To Rushmore, a seven-part DVD series that looks at the men behind this national monument.

The series follows the history behind the stone as each president's life and contributions to our nation is explained and documented.

The series also examines the men and creativity behind Mount Rushmore and how it came about.  History comes alive as viewers watch both the monument and our history come alive.  Included is a visit to the nearby Crazy Horse Memorial shown through a virtual tour just like Mount Rushmore.

The U.S. Calvary was one of the pivotal forces that helped shape our country.  The U.S. Calvary History OF America's Mounted Forces  DVD collection offers a five-part documentary starting with the origins of America's First Wars and follows through to modern times stopping at the Old West, The Rough Riders and WWII.

Much as changed in the last 200 years as the Calvary has transitioned from horses to mechanized tanks and various military vehicle and transports.

But, the mission remains the same: to protect our shores and people from attack whether it be from abroad or within our own borders.

Learns about the long proud tradition and legacy of the United States Calvary.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Half-Shell Heroes

OK, way too cute!  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles started life as down and dirty, gritty, violent and world-weary heroes fighting some of the nastiest and most despicable villains and threats ever known.

They morphed into somewhat humorous amphibian fighters with sometimes goofy, but dangerous, villains and expanded their supporting cast.

Over the years the TMNT have flip-flopped from gritty, to humorous to relevant and still retained their identifies.

The only problem was that, while primarily fashioned for a kid's audience, the TMNT tended to leave the smallest of children out of the loops: toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Never fear!  Playmates Toys has heard the collective cry of the toddlers and pre-schoolers and their parents and has introduced Half-Shell Heroes, part of its Mutations line of toys and playsets.

With Half-Shell Heroes the Turtles figures are downsized, cutified and made easy to hold for young kids love to play with.  They're tough, have no small parts that youngsters can choke on and are non-toxic.

But, come on!  They're Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!  There's still plenty of action, adventure and tough play to go around.  Just because they're small doesn't mean they aren't tough!

Take the Mutations Fire Truck To Tank Playset.  This oversize four-wheel vehicle looks bright and shiny with its red chassis and heavy duty frame and powerful golden fire spout.

But with a few twists, turns and flips and presto!  It's a tank and its loaded for some serious action!  And who better to drive a tank than Raph himself, who comes with the vehicle?

The Splinter & April twin-figure pack features Master Splinter in a typical martial arts pose while April brandishes a fan.  Or is that a pizza slice?  Both figures are articulate, beautifully sculpted and painted with nary a smudge or flashing.

Leo comes with his favorite weapons, one in each hand and a special set of glider wings that actually move with the turn of a dial.  Strap them on and Leo is a high-flying ninja with blades to match.  Leo is articulated and just as cute as button. Don't tell him I said that.  The last thing I need is Leo with wings flapping around my house!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Five Comic Books To Boast About

If you've been a comic book collector as long as I have you've seen a lot of changes in the industry: how to purchase comic books, where to find them, the diminishing ability to find old comic books at yard sales, flea markets, etc. and the ever increasing price of new and old comic books (especially Key issues.)

E-Bay has especially made finding old comic books at a decent price almost impossible.
Did you notice I said, "Almost impossible."

Along comes that brings back the fun and adventure of finding old comic books.

Each month comic book fans can purchase different packages (at varying prices plus S&H) that are guaranteed to contain one #1 issue and some Modern and Bronze issues. 
Occasionally Silver Age and Key issues are included.  You never know what you'll get.  That's what makes it so exciting.

Here's an example.  My first pack containing the following Modern Age titles: Fall Of Cthulhu #1, X-Men #157 and three Bronze Age titles: Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #29, Fantastic Four #194 and Avengers #151.

Exciting!  With each package you are guaranteed to get you money's worth, you can cancel at anytime and even better:  all books are very good or better in grade.  Occasionally expect to get some real winners!  Heck, for the price you pay you always get winners.

What a great concept!  I'm excited to see what I receive each month.  Why waste your time trudging all over town for the best deals or getting price shock on E-Bay when you can get some great comic books and the thrill of the unexpected and all for a great price.  Check it out. 

Fangoria #343

In this issue of Fangoria it's all about Hannibal.  So invite a friend over for dinner, break out the silverware, pull up a chair, devour the conversion, soak up the ambiance and digest the contents.  This issue is a cut above.  Articles and features include:

MINIFEATURE: RIP CHRISTOPHER LEE Screenwriter John Esposito eulogizes the last of the classic-horror greats to leave us.
“HANNIBAL”: ON SET Sink your teeth into a look at the making of the latest season.
“HANNIBAL”: HUGH DANCY AND MADS MIKKELSEN As Will Graham and Dr. Lecter, they perform a dance of obsession and death.
“HANNIBAL”: GILLIAN ANDERSON The “X Files” veteran is now half of an even more dangerous TV-horror partnership.
“HANNIBAL”: THE CUISINE When food stylist Janice Poon is on the case, the snacks are literally finger-lickin’ good.
“HANNIBAL”: THE FX Francois Dagenais is building quite a body of work creating the victims of Hannibal et al.
Q&A: TOM NOONAN The original Francis Dollarhyde recalls the whole tooth about playing Thomas Harris’ original madman.
PREVIEW: “AMERICAN GODS” With Bryan Fuller at the helm, Neil Gaiman doesn’t have to pray for a respectful televersion of his novel.
APPRECIATION: “THE STRANGERS” Over a decade after its release, the home-invasion chiller is still sending shock waves.
INTERVIEW: PETER MURPHY As part of Bauhaus, he provided a hell of an introduction to Tony Scott’s “The Hunger.”
RETROSPECTIVE: ANIMALS AMOK A look back at 10 films in which nature went on the warpath with human guidance. Plus: “Day of the Animals.”
RETROSPECTIVE: HAGSPLOITATION Some of Hollywood’s greatest actresses went very, very bad in their latter years.
FEATURE: HORROR ON VINYL For the record, an old format is receiving fresh life by playing the music of cinematic death.
INTERVIEW: KEVIN BACON He’s back in the thriller genre, on a deadly hunt for those who stole his “Cop Car.”
MINIFEATURE: RIP BETSY PALMER A tribute by David DeCoteau to the woman who played the mother of all slasher villains.
FEATURE: HORROR NOVELIZATIONS Sometimes schlocky, sometimes sublime, these books recapture big-screen terror.
ON SET: “DARK WAS THE NIGHT” A visit to the location sheds light on an above-average independent monster flick.
FEATURE: HORROR TRAILERS Editor Bill Neil reveals how fright films are carved and served in enticing condensed versions.
FIRST RITES Words from guest editor Bryan Fuller
POSTAL ZONE Rochon rocks, “Penny” thoughts
MONSTER INVASION Preview of “Sinister 2”
VHS YES! The substandard subterranea of “Trapped Alive”

DUMP BIN DIARIES Wesley Snipes in “Gallowwalkers”