Monday, September 21, 2015

Drag Nut, Roadster, Speedwagon and Pickup

Are you ready for some four-wheel action?  It's time to rev your engines, put the pedal to the metal and hit the road as Revell offers three custom cars and a truck for your model-making pleasure.

Here's the best part-you don't even need a driver's license!  Three models are made for 10 years and up and one is for 12 years and up. 

All you need are some glue, paint and patience and before you know it you'll have your very own rubber that meets the road, plenty of horse power and the freedom to take you wherever you imagination lets you.

Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth has always been know for his 'way-out' four wheel wonders and the Drag Nut is no exception.  Decked out with loads of chrome, huge rear tires, a crazy helmeted driver and you've got a combination that sure to make any dragster take a second look.

Fashioned after Roth's imaginative drawing the Drag Nut is one customized dragster that's long on horsepower and short on patience.  Watch out!   This baby is ready to burn some serious rubber!

Revell's Special Edition '29 Model A Roadster 2 'n 1 model kit offers model makers two vehicles for the price of one.  Blue or orange, customized wheels and rims, powerful V8s and 1950s nostalgia combine to make this 1:25 Scale model kit a sure hit.

With their twin seats, exposed engines, huge exhaust pipes, extended chrome bumpers and fully detail under-chassis and precisely detailed interior these twin speed demons give you plenty of power for your pesos.

Soak up the details, take in the custom trim and paint jobs and relive the past in style.  Like all Revell's model kits parts detach easily from part trees, instructions guarantee perfect glue, paint and decal application and once completed each model will be a point of pride of any model makers' collection.

California Wheels has a new addition with its Dan Fink Metalworks Speedwagon. This customized, four-seater sedan looks like a melding of a truck and a car. 

Custom designed and manufactured the Speedwagon consists of parts both cannibalized and custom-fitted to make a one-of-a-kind vehicle with wooden rear panels, narrow front, side and rear windows, a customized engine block and accessories, a unique interior and twin side panel/fenders that wrap up and over each wheel well.

Custom chrome wheels, trim, lights, grill and body accents and an extended front engine compartment gives this vehicle its unique and 'I gotta have it' profile.

For the more practical minded comes the TRUCKS Ford Ranger Pickup with its squared-off body style, heavy chassis, utilitarian chrome trim, grill, wheels and fenders and mirrors and no-nonsense interior and seats.

This truck is all business and its business is made for hauling and heavy work.

This ain't no frilly pickup, this is a man's truck and it has the payload and horsepower to prove it!

Take one look at its powerful no-frills engine, heavy frame construction, impressive under carriage and sturdy rear bed and you can understand why Ford trucks are 'Built Ford Tough!'