Thursday, September 10, 2015

Essential Horror Movies

What is it about horror movies that both repulses and attracts movie goers?  Why, as a species, do we human love to be scared?  Is it the thrill, the adrenaline rush or the fascination with death and dying?

Whatever the reasons, horror movies feed some primordial need and satisfies our inner urge to be scared.

Universe Publishing and author Michael Mallory examines this strange phenomenon of fear fetish in their new book: Essential Horror Movies.

Horror films have been around ever since film was first invented.  Silent films produced some of the most horrendous horror films of their time. 

When sound and then color were introduced films even got scarier. There was something about hearing and seeing in living color the horrific and blood-chilling monsters, demons, psychopaths and demented killers performing their dastardly deeds that thrilled audiences.
The book examines classic horror films, both domestic and foreign, which has cemented themselves into horror film history.

Only the best of the worse horror films are examined, analyzed and discussed, although other films of similar genres are acknowledged.

From monsters to the demonic to the future of horror films are expounded upon, complete with black and white photos and art.

If you love horror films this is the book for you.  So, turn out the lights, steel your nerves and get ready to witness the Essential Horror Movies.