Monday, September 28, 2015

Forbidden Places Volume 3

There are some scary places in the world-most of them manmade.  All of them are abandoned and decaying and filled with shadows of the past-some good-some bad.

What is it abut old creepy places that attract us?  Is it the thrill of being scared?  Is it the longing to experience life in the past?  No one knows for sure but one thing that is true-forbidden places call our names and we answer.

In Sylvain Margaine's and David Margaine's new book (the third in a series) published by JonGlez, scary and haunting get bumped up a notch as disturbing photos, accompanied by informative text, leads readers through abandoned properties all around the world.

Prepare yourself for old churches where religious statues are covered in sheets sitting among pews, a Marine graveyard where ships are still armed and look as if prepared for war, hospitals where physical and mentally ill patients seem to haunt the hallways amidst derelict medical, equipment, files, furniture and even vials of human internal organs and prisons are left to guard empty halls.

A huge mine stands derelict, a metro system serves ghost trains, a paper mill's machinery turns out only dust, a power plant generates decay and other decrepit and dilapidated buildings house only the shadows of yesteryear.

It's a journey that both repels and attracts but always fascinates.  Be sure to pick up a copy of Forbidden Places Exploring Our Abandoned Heritage Volume 3.