Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Grandpa Simpson's Guide To Aging

Straight from the Vault Of Simpsonology, courtesy of Insight Editions, comes Grandpa Simpson's Guide To Aging.

I'm 62 and after looking at this book I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

The book is funny.  What's distressing is that so much of it's true. 

Grandpa Simpson gives some sage advice about aging and some insights on what it means to be old in today's rush and hurry world.

First, you have to yourself the question, "Am I old?"  If you rack up too many points you might as well consider yourself prime coffin packaging. 

So why not list the things to do before I die?

A sure sign of aging are ailments and determining which is better being young or old.
True age means you're out of touch with today's youth, mainly how they speak.  Bart Simpson offers some t-shirts for the old and the Comic Book Guy showcases some comic books for old people.

Social Media for senior citizens has its own language and symbols, good motivational posters for the elderly keeps the blood flowing and a virtual tour of Grandpa Simpson's brain gives a good indication as to what your own brain will may go through when its old.

The senior citizen super team, The Dependables, take on some young whipper snappers and discover what kind of old you are.

Learn all about the do's and don't of dating for the elderly, what gifts are best for old folks around the house and build you very own elderly ensemble.

If you're old or soon will be old (don't fret, it happens to all of us) then this is the book for you.  Now where are my reading glasses?  What were we talking about?  Where am I?  Who are you?