Thursday, September 10, 2015

Monument Men and U.S. Calvary

We've all seen it.  Either in person or in pictures.  It's an impressive American icon commemorating our greatest presidents.  It's Mount Rushmore that commemorates the lives of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson with carved stone faces.

But how did it come about?  Why those particular presidents and why was it carved out of a solid mountain cliff in the Black Hills of South Dakota?

Mill Creek Entertainment presents: Monument Men The Road To Rushmore, a seven-part DVD series that looks at the men behind this national monument.

The series follows the history behind the stone as each president's life and contributions to our nation is explained and documented.

The series also examines the men and creativity behind Mount Rushmore and how it came about.  History comes alive as viewers watch both the monument and our history come alive.  Included is a visit to the nearby Crazy Horse Memorial shown through a virtual tour just like Mount Rushmore.

The U.S. Calvary was one of the pivotal forces that helped shape our country.  The U.S. Calvary History OF America's Mounted Forces  DVD collection offers a five-part documentary starting with the origins of America's First Wars and follows through to modern times stopping at the Old West, The Rough Riders and WWII.

Much as changed in the last 200 years as the Calvary has transitioned from horses to mechanized tanks and various military vehicle and transports.

But, the mission remains the same: to protect our shores and people from attack whether it be from abroad or within our own borders.

Learns about the long proud tradition and legacy of the United States Calvary.