Wednesday, September 30, 2015

San Andreas

It had to happen.  Scientists have predicted it for years.  The giant earth fault line running almost the entire length of California has finally shifted.  The results?  An earthquake and widespread destruction like no one has ever witnessed before.

Dwayne Johnson stars as a rescue helicopter pilot who along with his estranged wife,  attempt to save their daughter as their world (literally) collapses around them.
Hang onto your hat (and everything else) as you witness the greatest natural catastrophe of all time destroys everything in its path.  Thousands die as the ground literally falls out from underneath them.

Featuring spectacular action, stunts, visual and practical special effects and a non-stop storyline that never lets up, San Andreas delivers on all fronts.

The new Warner Bros. Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Combo includes the hold-your-breath movie that never lets up.  Also included are lots of extras: deleted scenes, an examination of the real San Andreas fault line, Dwayne Johnson coming to the rescue, commentaries, stunts, a gag reel, music score and much more.

Where will you be when disaster strikes?